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GeoSLAM for Engineering

Proven 3D point cloud technology for rapid, safe data collection for engineering projects


Leading global engineering organisations use GeoSLAM for:



In difficult, demanding and hazardous environments, use SLAM to reach zero-harm



Rapidly and accurately map production environments under intense time pressure, without slow and labour intensive traditional surveying techniques



From easy to use data capture, to full integration with existing workflows and software

Operational optimisation

Operational optimisation

Easy to adopt technology to benefit every part of the production cycle, without the need for a surveyor 

Why GeoSLAM?

  • Rapid scanning time – Within minutes anyone can be operating the technology and our intelligent software. Map a 3-storey residence in just 30 minutes to an accuracy level of 15mm.
  • Go-anywhere mobile mapping – Our versatile technology is adaptable to any environment, especially complex and enclosed spaces, without the need for GPS.
  • Save time and money -Capture and model complex data up to 10 times faster than traditional methods, enabling you to successfully complete projects in the minimum time with little or no disruption.
  • Unlocking the power in digital engineering data – Increase predictability with real-time accurate 3D data that allows you to efficiently operate and maintain the design, construction and management of your sites.
  • User friendly software – Complete 3D point cloud outputs are compatible with major industry post processing software.
  • Proven technology – A strong track record of designing game-changing SLAM technology and applauded by industry experts.

Solutions for Engineering

Do you want to keep digital records of site progress?
Do you need a way of collecting data that is easy for anyone to use?
Do you need accurate and unbiased records?
Do you want to own the data collection and storage?

We can help with all of those.

Construction Progress is your tool for keeping track of progress using mobile LiDAR and automated analytics.

Find your nearest dealer

Our experienced GeoSLAM dealers can help you with demos, pricing and questions about
how GeoSLAM can help you to capture geospatial data quicker and more easily.

GeoSLAM in action

‘GeoSLAM’s solutions are changing the way we survey buildings. We can now measure building plans 10-times faster than we used to with traditional equipment, and we are able to capture more information.’



‘The efficient user-friendly GeoSLAM equipment enabled the team to safely and comprehensively survey this hazardous and complex plant. The 3D model
provided an accurate replica which the various specialists
and role players could safely and accurately analyse for activities such as material quantification, condition assessment and the preparation of decommissioning
method statements.’

Richard Matchett

Richard Matchett

Digital Practice Leader, Aurecon

‘A huge time saving
exercise which would ordinarily
have taken 40 times longer
using traditional surveying

Virtual Singapore

Virtual Singapore

Case Studies

Builders by Design, UK

Industry: Construction, engineering and architecture
Residential property
Scan time:
6 – 8 scans per day

Virtual Singapore, Singapore

Industry: Construction and engineering
Apartment blocks
Scan time:
100 hours
Size: 376 ground floor void decks

Aurecon, South Africa

Industry: Civil engineering
Coal power station
Scan time:
8 hours
Size: 117,000 sq/m

attucks school

BHC Rhodes, USA

Industry: Civil engineering
Scan time:
4.5 hours
Size: 42,592 sq ft

COWI, Denmark

Industry: Engineering
Municipal buildings
Scan time:
6 months
Size: 400 buildings

Frontier Precision, USA

Industry: Civil Engineering
Sewer pipe network
Size: 4,500 manholes

Which ZEB is right for you?

ZEB Horizon
ZEB Horizon
ZEB Horizon RT
ZEB Horizon RT

What’s included with a ZEB?

In addition to our leading software platform, GeoSLAM Connect, with every ZEB purchase you will receive a GeoSLAM Care package and access to My GeoSLAM to ensure you get the most from your ZEB solution.

GeoSLAM Care

The after sales package to get the most from your ZEB products.

You’ll be entitled to all the latest software updates and new features, unlimited software support and up to 3 years hardware warranty.


The home of all supporting materials for GeoSLAM products​.

Access to a rage of materials and resources such as user guides, best practice videos, webinars and troubleshooting articles.

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