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Robotic navigation using the strongest SLAM

What is GeoSLAM Remote Access?

GeoSLAM Remote Access is a software module that gives you access to real time SLAM processing results through an application programming interface (API).

Our ZEB Revo RT LiDAR scanner with modified data logger can be installed on to a robotics platform which allows access to dangerous and difficult to reach areas or for automated site monitoring for construction projects.

How does Remote Access work?

The Remote Access API consists of a series of specific python scripts and dependencies which communicate with the ROS (robot operating system) software on the ZEB Revo RT.

The main scanner functions can then be controlled remotely;

  • Scanner start/stop
  • Data download
  • Data logger file control
  • Scanner state messages
  • Disk space and temperature checks

The Scanner

Meet the ZEB Revo RT.
Hover over the icons below to learn more about the scanner.

43,000 points per second
Total payload weight 3.2kg
Relative accuracy of 6mm
Handheld or robot

Want to use Remote Access with your robot?