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Add 360° panoramic photography to your point clouds

Enhance your property surveys with ZEB Pano

Using the ZEB Go, ZEB Revo RT or ZEB Horizon, capture and create real estate and commercial property floorplans with informative 360° panoramic photography.

3D measurable information and imagery captured with the ZEB Pano uses the leading SLAM algorithm to automatically and accurately position panoramic photos and enables the creation of both 2D and 3D property floorplans.

The ZEB Pano is the tool you need to digitalise your surveying and property marketing process.

  • Quick and easy property surveying
  • Accurate data and high-resolution photography
  • 360° interactive digital data
  • Specialist surveyors not required

GeoSLAM Draw Software

Get more from your point clouds with GeoSLAM Draw.

Use our Draw Start package to import and visualise your point cloud with your ZEB Pano images which can be used for contextual image referencing. The images are placed in the correct position with angle direction which helps to orientate them within the dataset.

If you require the ability to share the data with different users, then the Draw Plan package is for you. This means the data can be shared via Web Export and other users can access the data without the need for a license.

The ZEB Pano in action

Zien 24, Netherlands

Industry: Real Estate
Scanned: Residential and commercial property
Scan time: 5000 properties in 5 months
Size: 15 mins per scan

University of Bamberg, Germany

Industry: Conservation and education
Cistercian landscapes
Scan time:
3.5 hours
3 hectares

Aurecon, South Africa

Industry: Civil engineering
Coal power station
Scan time:
8 hours
Size: 117,000 sq/m

See which products the ZEB Pano can be paired with

ZEB Horizon


 Used mostly for scanning indoors or in underground mines and caves with an IP64 rating. Can be used for applications such as construction/BIM or creating floorplans. Can be used outdoors and has a range of 30m.



Real-time processing which means you can visualise the scan as you move. Has a range of 30m and IP51 rating. Used mostly for scanning indoors and utilised for applications such as construction/BIM or creating floorplans.


ZEB Horizon

 The most flexible of the ZEB family with a range of accessories which makes it suitable for lots of different applications. Can be used to scan indoors and outdoors with a longer range of 100m. Collect data using a UAV or vehicle, or pair with a backpack and GPS antenna for precise location positioning.

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