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Better than ever colourisation to contextualise your point cloud

With simple and easy deployment, the ZEB Vision attaches quickly to the ZEB Horizon to capture colourised data and 360° panoramic images in minutes.

The 4K resolution increases feature definition of objects within the point cloud, allowing for a new perspective on data by navigating within a virtual representation of an environment.

All the photos and data you capture are all owned and managed by you, keeping it safe, simple and secure.

ZEB Vision

How to colourise point cloud data

Step 1

Using the ZEB Vision accessory with the ZEB Horizon, users can achieve RGB colourisation by simply walking and scanning the area of interest. The camera will capture two images per second (1 from the front camera and 1 from the rear camera).

ZEB Horizon with ZEB Vision accessory

Step 2

The workflow is divided into four simple processes: Process SLAM, Image Stitching, Image Positioning, and Colourisation. These procedures can be completed within the GeoSLAM Connect interface without the need for separate geoscripts.

animation of ZEB Vision workflow for GeoSLAM Connect

The result

The time synchronisation between the images and the LiDAR data in the ZEB Vision is accurate to <100th of a second, giving excellent alignment between the pointcloud and the imagery. The result is a detailed, RGB colourised point cloud.

Who’s using the ZEB Vision

Add real-world context to point clouds for the creation of CAD/BIM models for industries such as:

Facilities and asset management
Facilities and asset management

Sample data from our ZEB Vision

Residential street, Ruddington, England
Residential street, Ruddington, England
Lace Market Nottingham, England
Lace Market Nottingham, England
Laman Mahkota Istana Bukit, Malaysia
Laman Mahkota Istana Bukit, Malaysia
ZEB Vision data of Africa Palace
ZEB Vision data roundabout
ZEB Vision data Office
ZEB Vision Data Lace Market
ZEB Vision Data - office

ZEB Vision FAQs

Want to add a ZEB Vision to your ZEB Horizon?

The ZEB Vision can be used with any existing or new ZEB Horizon. You will need the latest version of GeoSLAM Connect (2.1) to allow you to view ZEB Vision data. All the latest software updates are free for GeoSLAM Care customers.

Need to update your Care? Click the button below to learn more and request a quote.

See which product the ZEB Vision can be paired with

ZEB Horizon

ZEB Horizon

The most flexible of the ZEB family with a range of accessories which makes it suitable for lots of different applications. Can be used to scan indoors and outdoors with a longer range of 100m.

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