Meet the ZEB Discovery

Rapid, urban, mobile mapping

LiDAR and high resolution imagery

The strongest SLAM algorithm on the market, now available with ultra-high definition imagery from the NCTech iStar Pulsar camera.

Features with the ZEB Discovery:

  • Clip and go technology, take your ZEB Horizon from walking to UAV and now the ZEB Discovery in minutes
  • Automated workflow for pointcloud and imagery synchronisation
  • GPS for location

GeoSLAM Connect & Orbit Backpack Edition

Using GeoSLAM Connect and the ZEB Discovery Image Processor Tool, seamlessly processes ZEB Discovery data and imagery. The stop-and-go georeferencing feature in GeoSLAM Connect can incorporate external control points into the SLAM algorithm, correctly positioning the data and improving scan accuracy.

GeoSLAM have partnered with mobile mapping software provider Orbit, to release Orbit Backpack Edition where users can manage ZEB Discovery data, improve calibration and perform colourisation. There are also tools for asset inventory and semi-automatic extraction as well as the ability to georeference entire projects in one go.

Urban mapping today,
for the smart cities of the future.

The ZEB Discovery offers unrivalled flexibility in urban environments. Combining industry leading SLAM technology and high definition imagery with a lightweight backpack solution, the ZEB Discovery can go wherever you can.

Easily switch your ZEB Horizon between UAV, handheld and backpack configuration thanks to simple clip and go technology. GPS functionality places data in real world co-ordinates, making it easy to view in a variety of GIS applications to analyse alongside other sources.

Here’s some examples of applications where the ZEB Discovery is used:

Urban street mapping

Utility pole inspection & maintenance

Pipeline corridor mapping

Surveying for cable installation

See what products the ZEB Discovery can be paired with

ZEB Horizon

ZEB Horizon

 The most flexible of the ZEB family with a range of accessories which makes it suitable for lots of different applications. Can be used to scan indoors and outdoors with a longer range of 100m.

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