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GeoSLAM’s CSR Strategy to Promote Students’ English Skills

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

GeoSLAM were invited to a local Nottinghamshire school with the mission to present a business challenge as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Around 200 students aged 11-12 from Bramcote College took part in this event.

The business challenge was established with the aim of enriching subject learning in partnership with local employers working with Forum Talent Potential – a company supporting teachers with embedding careers provision into the curriculum.

To launch the challenge and engage the students, GeoSLAM’s Rachel Reynolds, Head of Corporate & Social Responsibility, undertook a rapid 3D scan of the school’s library and main assembly hall using a ZEB-REVO, and presented the results to the students.

The students were then required to research the company and its products before recording elevator pitches using non-technical language.

These elevator pitches were reviewed by the GeoSLAM’s Marketing department ahead of a feedback session to the school. Those producing the best work have been invited to visit GeoSLAM’s Global HQ.

Students stated that although the task initially appeared simple, it soon became clear how challenging it could be to use everyday language to describe complex technology.

One student said – ‘It’ll give me a few more ideas of what I might do after I finish school’

This demonstrates that these projects not only enable students to understand how school subjects relate to the world of work but also encourages them to start thinking about their future careers.

The Head of English said – ‘Relevance is everything these days. If a kid can see the relevance of things, they’re more likely to engage in lessons. It’s got a massive knock-on effect. We would like every year group to meet an outside organisation so the world of work becomes more relevant. Otherwise, what use is English?’

Rachel Reynolds said – ‘This has given them a real example of a business challenge that we face and they have come back with a solution for us’

For more information about this programme or GeoSLAM’s CSR work, contact Rachel Reynolds by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0) 1949 831 814