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Automated Stockpile Volume Monitoring

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

In a world where data is available at the touch of a button, mines and heavy industries are still relying on dangerous and inefficient ways of gathering data. Surveys are often dependent on environmental conditions and staff availability, which can mean a disconnect between a site’s potential and those in charge of making key decisions.

SITEMONITOR LIVE +VOLUMES removes the need to manually measure stockpiles by providing real-time data on demand, improving efficiency and reducing safety risks. The benefits of continuous monitoring can be experienced site-wide, making operatives available to concentrate on other processes and providing important information to management staff.

+VOLUMES is part of a wider SITEMONITOR solution that can also monitor safety critical berms on dump pads and the stability of pit walls. The system works with network of LiDAR sensors that can be configured according to the clients’ requirements. The sensors can be installed onto existing infrastructure, static or moveable skids for site-wide coverage. Mine processes can continue to run while scanning takes place and there is no need for any kind of stoppage while flow rate is monitored.

The volumes software generates tonnage data in .csv format and can be configured to calculate commodities’ net profit value by user defined bulk factors and specific gravity. This information can be gathered at any time, whether that be on-demand or at scheduled intervals.

The image on the right shows our volumes software with a colourised 3D model of the stockpile for easy visual inspection, alongside detailed ore information and tonnage data.