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PROCESSMONITOR LIVE shotlisted for Tunnelling Award!

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

We’re pleased to announce that our solution for safer sprayed concrete has been nominated for a New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Award.

The team at GeoSLAM have designed and built an intelligent solution to reduce the uneven application of sprayed shotcrete which compromises the safety of underground construction, equipment and workers.

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE is a real-time system that provides instant results through laser scanning.

processmonitor live hero






Scan of applied shotcrete in a tunnel and the variations in thickness







Scanner mounted on spray rig

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE utilises a short range LiDAR scanner which quickly and automatically scans the concrete being applied to a tunnel wall and calculates thickness to the nearest 2mm.

There is no need for operators to handle or move the scanner and data is collected at the push of a button. The scan produces a precise 3D model of the tunnel wall in real-time, which is colour coded for easy visual inspection to identify problem areas immediately.

For the full awards shortlist follow this link.