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Marketing Intern Interview

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

As part of the CSR strategy we are continuing to engage with Universities to develop meaningful partnerships. Some of our work has included joint research projects, a leadership course for two of our recent graduates and help to develop undergraduate employability skills through providing HR expertise around interview skills. Another great success has been employing Interns from Nottingham University.

From June to August 2018 Marina Ivanow was an intern in the marketing team at GeoSLAM. Marina is about to enter her third year of a BSc in Finance, Accountancy and Management. Before embarking on this she completed a year of a degree in Architecture.

What attracted you to the internship at GeoSLAM?

When choosing which internship to apply to out of those offered as part of the Nottingham University Internship Scheme, GeoSLAM offered the most diverse and interesting role in terms of what I would be doing in the 10 weeks. I was looking for an internship where I wouldn’t be sat at a desk all day doing exactly the same task over and over again. The role offered by GeoSLAM had the biggest range of tasks from any of the other internship I had looked at. The advert gave me the impression that I would be doing things which would affect and make a difference in the company rather than being just an intern.

What did you enjoy about the internship?

I really enjoyed being able to gain new skills and develop others further. In particular, using Adobe Suite for designing and editing different marketing materials. I had used these programs in the past for my A-levels but being able to use them professionally made these previous skills seem so much more valuable.

During my time with GeoSLAM they merged with their sister company 3DLM and I really enjoyed the experience. Although it was very disorientating at the start, I feel that the company is even more focused on the longer term and there are so many exciting things planned for the development of GeoSLAM.

What advice would you give anyone planning on doing an internship?

I would say do not give up. I was told to stop applying and that I wouldn’t get an internship as I had no idea what I wanted to do. This is completely wrong.

There is a lot of pressure to apply for the huge companies with extremely long and difficult application processes. I believe that applying through the Nottingham University Internship Scheme and working for a company where you can truly be part of a team and make a difference is much more of a valuable experience. Do the internship you want to do, not just because it looks good on paper.

What did you think about GeoSLAM?

GeoSLAM really is a young, vibrant and fast-growing company. Stuart had told me during my interview that no day would be the same and he was right. There is so much going on all the time -but not in an overwhelming way – I find it motivating that there is so much ambition. I am sad to be leaving as I have worked a towards INTERGEO and other events which I won’t be able to see through, but I will be keeping up with GeoSLAM on social media – I know they will do brilliantly! I believe this company has a long, bright journey ahead and I am proud to have been a small part of it.

How did the experience benefit your career plans?

The experience helped me understand more about the structure of a business but most importantly that to be successful, people must be prepared to get stuck in and contribute to the team. Everyone has a positive, ‘can do’ attitude which has created a really exciting and vibrant culture to work in which has inspired me!

I am still unsure about which sector/department I would like to go from here, but it is much clearer now that I have worked at GeoSLAM. Being able to speak to professionals about my interests and long-term plans has helped a lot. Hearing about their experiences has given me guidance and reassurance about the future. This experience will benefit my future career because it has helped me see aspects of what I would like to do in my future career. This has been through tasks that I have thoroughly enjoyed, usually design based and therefore I will look to end up in a profession where I can do these regularly.