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Internships at GeoSLAM

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

As part of our CSR strategy at GeoSLAM we are continuing to engage with Universities to develop meaningful partnerships. Some of our work involves joint research projects, access to a leadership course and giving HR expertise around interview skills for undergraduates. Another great success has been providing internships for Marina, James and Sarah from Nottingham University.

Sarah Roggendorf is a Maths PhD student and has a BSc and MSc in Maths. Sarah explained, ‘I have always been interested in the interplay between maths and engineering. I now have a good understanding how the skills I have acquired as part of my degree in Maths can be useful in an engineering environment and I have experienced what it is like to work in research and development for a private company’

James Whalley has a First Class MPhys in Theoretical Physics from the University of Nottingham and was an intern after he graduated. He is now employed as a Junior Software Engineer. James said, ‘GeoSLAM offered me a role which was designed to fit my skills and I knew it was a position I would find interesting. The internship was challenging, but ultimately I enjoyed that I wasn’t micromanaged and got to make a real contribution to the company. This is exactly what I wanted from a graduate job. I felt I fit into the company well, so I was keen to return after graduating.’

Marina Ivanow was an intern in the Marketing Team. She is about to enter her third year of a BSc in Finance, Accountancy and Management. Marina said., ‘There is a lot of pressure to apply for the huge companies with extremely long and difficult application processes. I believe that applying through the Nottingham University Internship Scheme and working for a company where you can truly be part of a team and make a difference is much more of a valuable experience. Do the internship you want to do, not just because it looks good on paper. The experience I gained at GeoSLAM helped boost my confidence and was really positive.’

For information about internships, graduate schemes and current vacancies visit our careers page.