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Commercial UAV Show 2018

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

Earlier this month, the GeoSLAM team visited the Commercial UAV Show, where we exhibited with the latest innovation in our ZEB family – the ZEB HORIZON, following its launch at INTERGEO a few weeks prior

The next generation in handheld 3D laser scanners, the device is capable of rapidly capturing indoor and outdoor measurements situated up to 100m away from the subject. Complementing the existing ZEB family, the ZEB-HORIZON is the first product to be launched since our recent merger with 3D Laser Mapping.

The ZEB-HORIZON is also the world’s first SLAM based LiDAR system that can be mounted on a UAV.

SLAM benefits

Harnessing GeoSLAM’s powerful SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) technology, the ZEB-HORIZON can be used for both indoor and outdoor use on UAVs, without the need for GPS.

With a collection rate of 300,000 points per second, an accuracy of 1–3 cm and its ability to be mounted on UAVs for aerial surveys in difficult-to-reach or potentially hazardous locations, the ZEB-HORIZON allows users to deliver accurate results in a vast array of applications.

Freedom and versatility

The device is the most versatile member of the ZEB Family, thanks to its ‘walk-and-scan’ method of data collection and mounted UAV capabilities. It can also be mounted upon or a backpack for surveys where hands free working is necessary.

The ZEB-HORIZON is the first ever airborne laser scanner that doesn’t require an additional GNSS/IMU unit, saving not only weight but also associated costs for users.

Suitable for use both interior and exterior use, the device is ideal for users in the construction, utilities, engineering and mining industries.

Shelley Copsey, GeoSLAM CEO, explained:

“As one of the most important events in our calendar, we felt there was no better place to showcase the ZEB-HORIZON than at the Commercial UAV Show.

“The launch of the device and its new UAV capabilities are set to revolutionise how SLAM contributes to a firm’s data collection speed and analysis capabilities.”

For more information on our latest innovations, or to request a demonstration, contact us.