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GeoSLAM responds to the Geospatial Commission

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

The Geospatial Commission was launched in November 2017, as part of a Government initiative to unlock the value of the sector that is valued at approximately £11billion per year.

As an expert in handheld mobile mapping and monitoring systems and software, GeoSLAM submitted evidence to the Commission in September 2018, as part of a collection of information that will inform the UK’s first ever Geospatial Strategy.

As a world leader in the geospatial sector, we are proud to offer our full backing, expertise and resources to this exciting initiative to enable the sector to reach its full potential.

The developments to SLAM and LiDAR technology over recent years, fuelled by companies like GeoSLAM and 3D Laser Mapping, go much further than helping businesses in sectors such as civil engineering, construction and mining to increase productivity and achieve growth.

This innovation will also be crucial to deliver national economic growth and productivity, as well as helping to solve major global challenges like smart cities, autonomous vehicles and air pollution.

It’s not just the national economy that stands to gain from a flourishing geospatial sector. By working closely with local schools and universities we are proud to develop opportunities for skilled graduates – key to ensuring that skills remain in the East Midlands.

The UK currently leads the way in digital innovation and the expertise of world-leading companies like GeoSLAM is only possible as a result of the highly-skilled workforce in the sector.

We look forward to the launch of the Geospatial Strategy and we hope that this will provide the catalyst for continued growth of the sector in the UK, enabling more businesses like GeoSLAM to help businesses to increase productivity and tackle major global challenges.

To find out more about the Geospatial Commission and its Strategy, visit