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GeoSLAM goes North with new dealer in Iceland

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

GeoSLAM are pleased to announce a new dealer partnership with Icelandic company ÍSMAR. Founded in 1982, ÍSMAR provides measuring solutions and services across a wide range of industries including construction, civil engineering and surveying.

Channel Manager for Europe, Tomas Blaha has been working closely with ÍSMAR and says “we are very happy to sign this contract. While Iceland has a small population, it is a highly industrialised country and GeoSLAM technology will suit its diverse manufacturing and service industries”.

A first for GeoSLAM too, this is the first time we’ve had dealer coverage in Iceland and are looking forward to hosting our first event there in late 2019.

Find out more about ÍSMAR here and for anything else, contact us.