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Q&A with Bert Meuleman, GeoSLAM Belgium dealer

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

During this year’s Intergeo Conference in Stuttgart, we took some time out to chat to a few of our dealers about the event, GeoSLAM technology, and the future of the geospatial industry. In this blog, Bert Meuleman, dealer and manager at Moseg Technologies in Belgium, shares his thoughts.

How long have you worked with GeoSLAM and why did you choose to work with the company?

“Over the last five years, I’ve been working with Belgium-based technology dealer MOSEG Technologies as a manager, helping to promote surveying equipment and laser scanning software to the wider Belgium market. I was aware of GeoSLAM’s presence in the market and began to work with the ZEB REVO. After some early success with the product, GeoSLAM invited me to become a dealer in Belgium.

“With the rising popularity of mobile devices – thanks to GeoSLAM – I decided to invest in a ZEB REVO RT and increase the time and investment I spent on their portfolio. I knew its SLAM algorithm and ‘on-the-go’ capabilities were totally unique to the market from my experience in the industry, so I knew there would be the opportunity to upscale the work I was doing.”

How has your relationship with GeoSLAM developed over recent years?

“While the products are indeed the stars of the show, for me as a dealer it’s equally important to be able to build a relationship with the company you are working with. There’s always a great atmosphere when the team are around and everyone is 100 per cent committed to the technology, which ultimately makes selling the GeoSLAM ‘vision’ to our customers even easier.

“GeoSLAM is really willing to help, and that much was true only recently with a customer of mine who had sent his device away for refurbishment. He came to me with a question about his device and I turned to the team for help. Within 30-minutes, they had a solution to his query, which meant I could return the machine to a very happy customer.

“The technology itself is hugely inspiring, and as a long-time technology lover myself, seeing people interact with these devices never gets old.”

What sort of sectors do your clients work in?

“Unlike a number of GeoSLAM’s global competitors, GeoSLAM technology wasn’t built just for surveying professionals. The technology can be applied to so many industries, from construction, forestry and quarrying, to name a few. This is hugely beneficial to me as a dealer because I’m not ‘trapped in a box’. Our customers are always pushing the boundaries of the technology too, so the possibilities of its use are endless. That’s the thrilling part of the job, because you never know where it might go next.”

What sort of challenges do your customers face in their day-to-day?

“My customers’ priorities are always about saving time and maintaining accuracy, and GeoSLAM devices are recognised for both of these traits. With lightweight and versatile mobile devices, customers are able to scan within an accuracy of 1 – 3 cm, scanning up to 300,000 data points per second.

“Ultimately, customers want to improve their workflow in order to save time and money on projects. GeoSLAM products offer the perfect solution for this, offering adaptability technology that is really straightforward for anyone to pick up and use.”

What are you looking forward to seeing this year at Intergeo?

“While I’m only here for one day this year, I’m excited to see the new products being launched by GeoSLAM, seeing what other companies in the sector are developing, and what challenges they are facing. I always take a walk through the technology park – there’s so much inspiration on offer here!

“GeoSLAM are really focused on solving the problems faced by my customers, so I’m also hoping to speak to GeoSLAM’s chief product officer, Neil Slatcher, about an idea I have of combining different sensors and whether this may offer a solution.

For more information on GeoSLAM and its latest technology, visit Hall 1, Booth F1.036 at Intergeo or visit