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Q&A with: Denmark dealer, Bjarne Fredheim, Pro-maling

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

We took some time out to chat to our dealer in Denmark about GeoSLAM technology and the future of the geospatial industry. In this blog, Bjarne Fredheim owner of Pro-Maaling, shares his thoughts on the popularity of surveying in Denmark, the possibilities of GeoSLAM tech and his experience in the sector. 

What is your business and where do you operate?

I have been a dealer of surveying technologies in Denmark since 2011, and in 2014, I was introduced to GeoSLAM technology. Since then, I have been working with the company to reach customers from across Denmark, Iceland and Greenland.

What sectors do your customers work in?

The main market for my customers is surveying, but in recent years there have been a number of architects across the country beginning to see the great benefit in using GeoSLAM technology for time-saving purposes, and to harness the amount of detail the devices can capture.

What sort of challenges are your customers facing?

My customers have great knowledge of this sector and the technologies available, so there aren’t many problems or challenges they need solving. What they are intrigued about though, is how GeoSLAM technology can make their lives easier and their day-to-day jobs quicker.

As a dealer, I’m often asked about the capabilities of a device, beyond what it says on the website. My customers ask, ‘can we do this?’ and I’m amazed when they’ve gone away and experimented, only to find they’ve found yet another use for the devices. The possibilities of this technology are truly endless.

What makes GeoSLAM stand out from its competitors?

For me, the GeoSLAM team are what I call ‘first-movers’; they are innovators, the first to try something new and always ahead of the game with products, solutions and software. The challenge for me though, is to keep up with these developments and ensure I’m bringing the latest tech to the market here in Denmark and beyond.

What are your thoughts about the ZEB Discovery? 

I’m delighted to see that a year on from the Horizon’s launch at Intergeo 2018, the device is being put to the test by the latest addition to the ZEB family, offering users a multifunctional solution to surveying those hard-to-reach places through its backpack function – the ZEB Discovery.

It’s clear that the industry is focusing its efforts on providing a more flexible method of surveying – from UAV to handheld devices – all with the aim of expanding this technology into as many sectors and countries as possible.

For more information on GeoSLAM and its latest addition to the ZEB family, visit