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Growth in Colombia – New Dealer

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

GeoSLAM is delighted to announce Datum Ingeniería SAS as a new partnership for Colombia. Located in BOGOTÁ, Datum have been providing the latest geospatial technology in Colombia for 16 years.

Javier Salgado Naranjo, General Manager from Datum Ingeniería SAS said;

we have partnered with GeoSLAM in order to be representative of their technology in our country. This new relationship is important for us, to strengthen our portfolio with state-of-the-art solutions that allow our customers to carry out surveys for many kinds of challenges in places of interest and for different applications using advanced and portable scanning systems. In this way, the GeoSLAM solutions will reduce costs on the projects saving time on the field and delivering on high quality products. In this way Datum Ingeniería SAS continue with its commitment to provide to our market, reliable technology as an alternative to help to improve the workflows on users projects.”

Datum specialise in providing solutions based on engineering products and services in geo-referencing, mapping, administration and analysis of natural resources at a national and international level.

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