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GeoSLAM welcomes Caroni for Australia Distribution

Last Updated on 27th April 2021

GeoSLAM is delighted to announce Caroni as a new partnership for Western and Southern Australia. Caroni was established in 2019 and holds 10 years of experience in Laser Scanning including 5 years experience with SLAM technology across various countries and industries. Located in Perth, Western Australia, Caroni’s mission is to preserve life and assets and to increase productivity using effective spatial solutions. Caroni aims to provide customers with useful insights to solve their problems through their expertise and innovative solutions.

Carlos Gonzalez, Managing Director of Caroni said:

‘It is now possible to get insight from environments where we previously could not, and extract useful information, using GeoSLAM solutions. The potential of GeoSLAM solutions as a tool for many professionals is unlimited. They will work where accessibility is restricted, when time is limited, and where is heavy traffic, providing information in a fast and safe way.

I’ve been able to witness many applications in varied industries along the years, whether it’s construction, prop tech, mining, biology, forensics or security, in every single one of them, the solutions work.

As a former member of the GeoSLAM team, I am aware of the pursuit of excellence and the drive for innovation in the company. I founded Caroni sharing these values and will work alongside GeoSLAM to provide optimal solutions.’

If you’d like to get in touch with Caroni please click here