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GeoSLAM celebrates record sales with Chinese dealer Scanner (Beijing) Science and Technology

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

We’ve seen almost every country go into some sort of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has had a huge impact on businesses globally. In this blog we talk about Chinese dealer, Scanner (Beijing) Science and Technology and their continued commitment to providing GeoSLAM solutions to their customers during this period.

Graham Hunter, founder and director of GeoSLAM, said:

‘Beijing Scanner have won record amounts of new business during this challenging time. We appreciate the service and expertise they offer their customers, and we value our partnership with them’

Who are they?

Scanner (Beijing) Science and Technology, are based in the Fengtai District of Beijing and have been a GeoSLAM dealer since 2018, offering geospatial solutions across a range of industries.

They may be a small team, but with a wealth of experience and a strong focus they have been a significant contributor to GeoSLAM. The key to their success is their dedication to each and every customer, offering professional services with a personal touch.

Left to right: Xiaoxu Han, Chenglong Li, Jia Lv

What types of customers are they working with?

Scanner (Beijing) Science and Technology have customers across a range of industries which include BIM, Survey, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Home Decoration and Real Estate. Xiaoxu Han, General Manager, said:

‘with the versatility of GeoSLAM solutions, we find new ideas and applications very often’ 

The ZEB Horizon allows users to collect data from challenging environments by using different mounting options such as the UAV mount, car mount and cradle. The ZEB Horizon has a range of 100m and can be used indoors and outdoors, which makes it a suitable solution for many applications.

Using the ZEB Horizon to get into those hard to reach places

What challenges are their customers facing and how does GeoSLAM technology solve these challenges?

Working across many sectors, it means their customers are faced with varying challenges when it comes to capturing data. Xiaoxu Han explains:

‘The arrival of GeoSLAM solved many difficulties – whether the time is limited, or the space is too small to operate, capturing data has always been a challenge. The best feature we like about GeoSLAM solutions is that they are so easy to use and sometimes we can capture data that we didn’t even think of capturing.’

Whatever the challenge, Scanner (Beijing) are creative with their ideas in order to find a solution. They recently used the ZEB Discovery to collect road data, but in a less conventional way.

The ZEB Discovery taking a ride in the back of a Mini convertible