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Invading a 19th century fortress with GeoSLAM

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

Mapping historic sites can prove challenging for surveyors mainly due to lack of up-to-date and accurate floor plans and elevation drawings, and often having to work in places without the help of GPS coverage or natural light. Uneven floors and narrow stairways and tunnels can often impact on the time allocated to complete a survey.

Budapest’s Citadella proved no exception. This 19th century fortress is situated on a high hilltop overlooking the city and the Danube.  The sprawling structure covers an area of some 13 000 square metres. It is comprised of an immense courtyard and a labyrinth of underground passages, tunnels, bunkers, turrets and alcoves. Taking into account the numerous difficult-to-reach areas within the building, the team at Burken opted for easy-to-use mobile, lightweight scanners as opposed to traditional static equipment. Burken were early adopters of SLAM technology and have been reselling GeoSLAM solutions for over five years.