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ZEB Horizon hits the road

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

ZEB Horizon Vehicle mount – available now!

The ZEB Horizon can be as flexible as you need it to be. Whether you use the device as a handheld LiDAR sensor or mount it to a pole, cradle, backpack, there really are no limits to the Horizon’s scanning capabilities.

On top of the existing range of mounts, we are pleased to announce that the ZEB Horizon vehicle mount is now available to purchase through our channel partner network.

The ZEB Horizon vehicle mount has been designed for rapid data collection in urban areas. Road layouts, features, signage and pavements / sidewalks can be collected in minutes. The vehicle mount can be positioned on the back of most cars and small trucks – usually at the back of the vehicle, although please check any highway laws before beginning any vehicle projects. Attaching and securing the mount takes no more than a couple of minutes and you’re ready to scan immediately with only one operator.

The car mount uses our existing “click and go” technology as used on the ZEB Discovery and Locate systems, meaning swapping the Horizon between mounts is really as simple as click… and go!

“The set up is really easy – there’s no extra equipment required and we achieved really nice results on a 9 minutes scan at 15Km/h” says Carlos Gonzalez of Caroni Geospatial, dealers for GeoSLAM in Australia.

The ZEB Horizon vehicle mount is ideal for mapping urban environments with its maximum recommended speed of 30 mph/48 kmh. The data can be colourised with the ZEB Cam.

Every ZEB Horizon comes with the most robust SLAM algorithm, giving you results you can rely on.

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