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Mapping trees in Singapore

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

Known as the Garden City, Singapore’s 5.6 million residents share their streets and parks with over 2 million trees of which 2,000 of these are native to the city. GeoSLAM dealers GPS Lands were contacted by Singapore’s arborist team who were embarking on a project to map and document all the city’s trees.

Prior to their demo of the ZEB Discovery, the arborist team had not used laser scanning before. GPS Lands provided a live demonstration of the Discovery on-site for them to evaluate the equipment and assess the speed of data capture compared to taking manual measurements.

Upon looking at the results and realising how the speed and effectiveness of mobile mapping could help with the project, the arborist team incorporated the device onto their workflow and have reported good results so far.

As well as height and girth of the trees, the team were particularly interested in the location of trees in relation to buildings. Having accurate positional data from the ZEB Discovery allows the city to improve its maintenance programme as they can easily identify high risk trees as well as reducing insurance claims.

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