Real-time sprayed concrete thickness analysis for less waste and safer tunnels

Sprayed concrete (or shotcrete) can generate excessive waste, costing too much, or uneven application, compromising the safety of the tunnel, your equipment, and workers. The team at GeoSLAM have designed and built an intelligent solution to help you to make sure your sprayed concrete is applied to the correct thickness using LiDAR scanning.

Saving Time
Saving Money
Saving Resources
Saving Lives
Quality Assured


  • Identify problem areas straight away – get the job right the first time
  • Save wasted concrete and additives from excessive application thickness
  • Gain useful management information – understand wastage and calculate the total over or under spray according to your own parameters
  • Reduced downtime – no waiting for survey results
  • Ensure your spray thickness contractual and legal obligations are met
  • Built for, and tested in the harshest environments

Measurements and Reporting at the Touch of a Button

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE makes light work of process monitoring tasks in the harshest of industrial environments. From tunnel construction to shotcrete application, this unique laser scanner and modular software package has been designed to provide real-time visual intelligence to local operators and management teams. Through a simple user-friendly interface, PROCESSMONITOR LIVE accurately measures and monitors change at the touch of a button.

Click below to read a case study and see how PROCESSMONITOR LIVE is already being used by one of the world's leading shotcrete contractors, Jetcrete Oz.

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On Demand, Real-Time Data

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE has been designed to be used by operatives with minimal technical training. The simple interface allows for manual or automated scans to be carried out and processed to an editable and exportable point cloud in under 5 minutes. The results are highly visual, easy to understand and can be exported into common file formats such as .las and .csv for retrospective analysis. PROCESSMONITOR LIVE has a repeatability of +/- 5mm even in difficult atmospheric conditions, such as tunnels, underground mines and construction sites. The robust IP 65 rated scanner can be attached to a vehicle or mounted to a set position onsite without compromising on accuracy or pointcloud density.

Automated intelligence can make the difference when planning and executing an operation wide smart strategy. PROCESSMONITOR LIVE offers the ability to realise improvements in the efficiency and safety of operations by automating time consuming and potentially hazardous tasks, without complex installations and infrastructure.

Our intelligent, sensor driven systems provide live data and automated reports which are easily accessible, allowing time critical decisions to be made instantly. The reporting criteria are user-definable and include easy to understand visualisations, error reports and diagnostic logs for future analysis or administrative use.

"It has changed the working environment, from underground to surface measurements in just a few minutes, with precise accuracy and support always on standby"
Barberton Mines
"If you can operate a smart phone, you can use PROCESSMONITOR LIVE"
Jetcrete Australia
"3D Laser Mapping plays an integral part in Gamsberg Mining's digital landscape."
Paul Ethers Vedanta


Sprayed Concrete Measurements


Underground Construction


Bridge and Structural Repairs


Tunnel Lining Maintenance


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