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A host of new features for Hub!

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

User experience is at the heart of the new Hub 5.2, making it easier than ever to work with your geospatial data. Universal compatibility brings the latest features for owners of any of the ZEB family, and thanks to a simple licencing model you can collaborate with colleagues wherever they are. The new 3D viewer is available for anyone to download and examine data captured onsite.

Universal Compatibility

With the release of version 5.2, GeoSLAM Hub now works with all ZEB solutions, supporting long-time users as well as those new to GeoSLAM. Business and enterprise clients can collaborate across multiple data capture tools in one environment.

Easy Licencing

New check-in, check-out licencing makes GeoSLAM Hub even more simple and flexible to use. Users can connect from the office or the field without the need for a dongle. Publish, share, and collaborate with multiple stakeholders across the globe.

Improved Viewer

GeoSLAM Hub’s improved 3D viewer loads data quickly, so users can check scans before they leave site, toggle between pointcloud attributes and add quick notes for later reference.

New Draw Modules

GeoSLAM Draw adds value to large datasets by digesting them into final deliverables. GeoSLAM Hub 5.2 comes with a brand-new version of Draw including 360 imagery import and improved image compatibility.

Application specific modules include specialist workflows to help BIM and measured building survey clients deliver industry standard outputs.

Draw Start: The base package for GeoSLAM Draw allows users to create simple floor plans, georeference data and use 360 panoramic imagery within datasets. This comes as standard with all our ZEB solutions.

Draw Plan: Plan includes all the features of Start but with additional tools for users to share and deliver floorplan data. The Web Export tool packages data from within Draw to produce PDF or HTML files for easy sharing internally and beyond, without the need for a licence. Plan also offers the ability to export RCP data, allowing users to interrogate GeoSLAM data with Autodesk workflows.

Draw BIM: This module includes the 4Revit tool which improves workflows for the 3D modelling of pointclouds by communicating directly with Autodesk Revit. Draw BIM also includes the import of proprietary data formats so all your laser scanning data can be brought into one place, making it an ideal solution for clients who need to produce complex deliverables and include data from different surveying tools.

Draw Pro: The complete package for GeoSLAM Draw includes all the features of Start, Plan and BIM as well as additional features for volume calculations and profiling including the creation of mesh DTMs and surface change measurement.

Find out how GeoSLAM Hub can turn your pointclouds into insight by visiting this page or contacting us.