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Urban mapping opportunities with UK Government

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

Last week the UK Government announced a £2 billion package to encourage alternative travel such as walking or cycling. As a result, the reallocation of existing road layouts is under scrutiny from local authorities to make them more accessible by pedestrians, cyclists and even users of electric scooters following successful trials.

The GeoSLAM team are on hand to help with fast and accurate urban mapping using a device like the ZEB Horizon. Handheld, vehicle mounted or on a UAV, the ZEB Horizon is a versatile tool and can be quickly switched between different mounts using our clip and go technology.

The ZEB Horizon mounted on a car using the vehicle mount

The ZEB Horizon can also be used with mounts that combine our industry leading SLAM algorithm with devices for asset mapping. The ZEB Discovery for high definition 360 degree imagery and the new ZEB Locate for georeferencing data more accurately. Both devices are built using our comfortable backpack mount and can be used for a variety of hands-free applications.

On the move with ZEB Discovery

GeoSLAM Channel Manager for UK & Ireland says “our ZEB Discovery system is the perfect option for mapping roads and pavements as it allows rapid data collection of these areas. Once data is collected, it can be presented in our software to all interested parties, which can then collaborate and redesign”.

ZEB Locate

For more information about the ZEB Discovery or any other GeoSLAM solutions, email us at [email protected] or fill the form below.