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Last Updated on 3rd March 2023

Georeferencing takes centre stage for GeoSLAM’s latest software release

Since its launch in 2020, GeoSLAM Connect has become the foundation for the creation of new workflows and features that enhance GeoSLAM’s hardware. Streamlined data processing offers GeoSLAM customers a smoother and more efficient service when it comes to analysing point clouds.

New developments in Connect 2.3

Developments to georeferencing workflows are the primary focus of Connect 2.3. The release includes improvements to the Stop and Go Georeferencing workflow, and new ways to automatically georeference a point cloud.

This blog will explore these developments, as well as the other new features designed to improve usability.

Connect 2.3 provides improvements and incorporations to Adjust to Control, that complement the already existing Stop and Go Georeferencing workflow. This aims to provide users with more control over the way their data is georeferenced. The new tool visualises control points and gives users more options when matching stationary points in their scan data to measured positions.

Users can select the auto matching option, or to have more control over the process, manual matching is also available. The new interface provides insights about the distribution of control points and how they relate to the static periods in the scan. New charts and graphs show the outputs in finer detail than before, to help with understanding the distance error when georeferencing. The user has access to change parameters which can ensure a better match and a more accurate result, along with improvements to existing tools such as non-rigid method of matching.

Further additions to Connect 2.3 include the ability to georeference data using reflective targets in the scanned environment. Data can now be georeferenced automatically within Connect, without the need to stop on a control point during the capturing process.

The capability to georeference data using reflective targets is particularly beneficial for UAV users, who cannot stop their systems mid-flight. This will also be useful for Flyability customers as it enables them to enhance their systems with the ‘Survey Package’, which integrates GeoSLAM Connect and offers survey-grade accuracy. For more information on Flyability and the collaboration with GeoSLAM, visit: GeoSLAM partner with Flyability – GeoSLAM.

Aligning and merging data using the same reflective targets in multiple scans is another key feature of Connect 2.3. The feature benefits those who want to automatically align numerous datasets over a large site. This includes capturing repeat scans of the same environment, for example, when stockpile monitoring.

“Georeferencing is a key feature for our users doing surveys in several markets, such as mining or infrastructure. In addition, automatically aligning point clouds will make many workflows a breeze, such as capturing large projects, or for stockpile monitoring.” – Dr. Adrian Briod, co-founder, and Chief Technology Officer at Flyability.

Other add-ons to Connect 2.3

Aside from the georeferencing workflows, GeoSLAM has expanded other features in Connect 2.3, which includes the following:

ZEB Vision

Calibrating the ZEB Vision has become easier, as it is now accessible from within the Connect interface, meaning users complete the entire Vision workflow using the software. Moreover, if users have disconnected the ZEB Vision system from the ZEB Horizon, they can re-calibrate it themselves rather than requiring assistance from GeoSLAM. However, support to do this is still available to those who would like it. This allows more control over the scanning process and less disruption to data capture.

Additionally, the amount of storage space available for image data per scan has increased. This allows users to have the option to store ZEB Vision images directly to the ZEB Horizon datalogger. Packaging the images in the datafile, alongside the data, makes accessing the information a simpler process.


My GeoSLAM accounts are now available from within the Connect interface. This gives greater access to resources such as GeoSLAM Academy and Knowledge Base. Using the new Licence Manager Tool, registration for a My GeoSLAM account is accessible when activating a licence.

Manual alignment

The latest software update brings improvements to the Manual Alignment tool, previously released with Connect 2.2. These include interface and usability updates that make the overall workflows more user-friendly.

In summary

With this latest software release, GeoSLAM Connect further benefits users and increases productivity for data processing and workflows. The new features of Connect 2.3 provide more control over the whole data gathering process.

“GeoSLAM Connect is a fantastic foundation for us to build new workflows that complement our hardware products. For our handheld LiDAR hardware to succeed, a requirement for great processing is necessary. Connect 2.3 is another step in that direction. Our ongoing aim with the software is to deliver intuitive workflows for the users of GeoSLAM hardware. This includes incorporating or adapting features and workflows to suit our customers everyday needs.” – Dr. Neil Slatcher, Chief Product Officer at GeoSLAM.

GeoSLAM Care customers can upgrade to Connect 2.3 and any ZEB scanner purchases from the 2nd of March will include the latest version of the software.

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