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Mobile indoor mapping systems using world leading Geospatial SLAM technology that’s up to 10x faster than traditional methods.

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What is SLAM?

Our industry leading Geospacial Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping, or SLAM, software enables mobile 3D documentation of indoor or enclosed environments without the need for GPS

About SLAM

How It Works


Go anywhere on any platform - move & scan your environment in minutes not hours measuring more than 43,000 points per second.


Automatic SLAM Cloud-to-cloud registration using GeoSLAM Desktop Software or GeoSLAM Pay-as-you-go cloud processing.


The resulting 3D Point Cloud can be used to create 2D layouts or 3D models in industry standard CAD and point cloud post processing software.

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Join the SLAM revolution.

Versatile mobile indoor mapping system. This lightweight portable 3D laser scanner can be handheld or mounted on a backpack, pole, or autonomous vehicle.

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GeoSLAM Desktop

Local automatic SLAM registration at your fingertips.

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Measured building surveys, 3D models, stockpile volumetric, crime scene reconstructions and much more…

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