Handheld laser scanning for everyone

If you’re looking for a reliable way to map and understand spaces, meet the ZEB Go.

The ZEB Go is your first step in SLAM handheld technology, so whether it’s the first time you’ve looked at digital surveying, or you want each of your sites equip with the smartest SLAM, the ZEB Go is the place to start.

In your hands for only $30,000

Powered by the smartest SLAM

One button operation, you’ll be up and running fast – capturing data in minutes.

Process a pointcloud quickly using our intelligent point cloud processing platform GeoSLAM Hub or onboard with our real-time version – the ZEB Go RT.

GeoSLAM data is compatible with software that works for you with universal file formats (LAZ/LAS/PLY/TXT/e57).

Upgrade your ZEB Go to understand spaces in real-time

All the features of ZEB Go with onboard data processing, allowing you to visualize your project in real-time.

Compatible with any internet enabled device, the ZEB Go RT lets users scan, visualize and process simultaneously.

Monitor projects on the move and check data before the job is done, reducing the number of site-visits required.

Sample data

View ZEB Go data and more in our online viewer.

Data capture, 80% faster


“We have been trialing the ZEB Go on numerous construction sites for a few weeks now. It is extremely easy to use and has been adopted by various colleagues throughout the site. The speed of capture has resulted in us been able to capture a full site in a 1/5th of the time compared to our existing scanner”

One tool, many uses

Software that works for you

Data from the ZEB Go can be exported from GeoSLAM Hub in all industry standard file formats.

Import into your preferred CAD programme or mine planning software, the ZEB Go is as flexible as you are.

Why not try GeoSLAM Hub, plus Draw which allows users to quickly extract floorplans and sections from pointcloud data.


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Trade in and trade up. We’ll give you credit towards a new ZEB when you trade in a qualifying LiDAR scanner.

When speaking to a member of our team, let us know what you’d like to trade-in.

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