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Transform your 3D data into actionable information

Hub was GeoSLAM’s primary processing platform up until September 2021 when Connect was launched. New customers will receive both a Hub and Connect license, though we recommended using Connect for all of the new features and faster processing.

Transform your 3D data into actionable information and valuable deliverables in minutes. Hub brings together industry-leading SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) technology with powerful post processing functionality to deliver complete end-to-end solutions.

Users of Hub can take advantage of the Adjust to Control feature. Control points are marked while scanning and imported into Hub, the software then takes care of everything else – it’s just that easy to georeference your point cloud.

Why Hub?

  • SLAM processing to generate accurate 3D pointclouds from your data
  • Import, view and interrogate data captured from all GeoSLAM devices
  • Geo-referencing of datasets to control
  • Provides survey-grade data accuracy without the surveyor
  • Quick and easy workflows with drag and drop functionality, produces results in minutes


Draw is an optional add on software which can be purchased in addition to Hub and comes in configured industry packages. It includes simple to use tools for quickly extracting floor plans and sections from point cloud data.

Modules include:

  • Start
  • Plan
  • BIM
  • Mining
  • Pro

Recognised as the most robust SLAM engine in the world

GeoSLAM Hub enables automatic drag and drop processing of data captured from all GeoSLAM devices.


A range of tools are provided for simple registration of point cloud data including alignment of multiple scans and geo-referencing
using spherical targets.
GeoSLAM Hub automatically synchronises contextual visual imagery with 3D point cloud data (requires ZEB Cam).

Advanced Processing
Advanced Processing

Data collected in challenging or restricted environments can be reprocessed using a suite of advanced processing parameters.
With a simple slider functionality, users can reduce scan drift (in open environments), remove outlying data points, prioritise planar surfaces (in noisy environments) and much more.

View & Annotate
View & Annotate

Synchronised point cloud data and imagery data can be easily viewed and examined in both 2D and 3D. Co-ordinates, dimensions and areas can be quickly extracted and important elements highlighted using ‘Notes’ feature.


Customisable export options facilitate smooth interoperability with down-stream processing software and workflows. Data can be smoothed, decimated and exported in most industry standard formats including LAS and E57. Data can also be saved with colour RGB, shade values and normals.

Adjust to Control

With a valid GeoSLAM Care package, users of Hub can benefit from the Adjust to Control (A2C) feature. Using a reference base, which is now shipped as standard with any new ZEB order, users can mark control points while scanning and then import these into Hub. There are two types of transformation/adjustment – rigid and non-rigid.

To capture a control point while scanning, the scanner needs to be positioned upright and kept stationary for a period of 10 seconds. The stationary periods are automatically detected during data processing and time, coordinates and orientation data for each stationary period is recorded as a Reference Point.

The user then needs to enter the coordinates for the detected control points (either imported from a file or manually) and choose to perform either a rigid transformation or a non-rigid adjustment.

An altered scan will then be produced which fits the dataset to the known control points. This process takes just a few minutes and once complete this scan can be exported along with trajectory details and accuracy report of required.

System requirements


Windows 10
i7 6th Generation
AMD Ryzen 7 (1700X)
Integrated Graphics
30GB free space


Windows 10
i7 , i9 8th generation or greater (higher clock speed)
AMD Ryzen 7 (2700X)
30GB free space

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