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“In the city of Belo Horizonte, there is a distinct mix of contemporary, classic and historic buildings on display, making it a really attractive destination to visit. What comes with the architecture on offer however, is the need to preserve it for tourists and future generations to enjoy.”

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Industry: Architecture
Scanned: Skyscraper
Scan time: 10 hours
Size: 8,357 sq/m

Australian National University

Known as the ‘Precision Measurement of Trees and Forests’ project, the field team is charged with comparing and contrasting different ways of collecting data, using different terrestrial and airborne laser scanners, and working with digital imagery. The survey takes places in the National Arboretum in Canberra which features some 44,000 rare, endangered and symbolic trees and is made up of 94 mini forests.

Location: Canberra, Australia
Industry: Conservation
Scanned: National Park
Size: 180 square metre plot
Scan time: 10-15 minutes

Eden Project

Tom Potter, a doctoral researcher at the University of Leicester, UK, set out to further develop a technique to estimate biomass and carbon more efficiently using state-of-the-art, mobile LiDAR sensors across multiple, complex forest environments.

Location: Cornwall, UK
Industry: Conservation
Scanned: Eden Project
Scan Time: 10 mins per scan
Size: 1km in length


“47% of Croatia’s total land area is covered by forest, an area of approximately 25,000km2. Management of these vast valuable assets is a key industry in Croatia and across its central European neighbours. As well as managing the biodiversity and sustainability of the forests, it is important for commercial logging companies to assess the quality and biomass of the forests for responsible timber sales.”

Location: Čakovec, Croatia
Industry: Conservation
Scanned: Forest
Scan Time: 9 minutes
Size: 1km in length

Arc de Triomphe with Geotopo

“Alongside our work in land management, engineering and rail sectors, our teams dedicate time for architecture and heritage projects, working to preserve just some of the 40,000 listed historic monuments in France alone. As a geospatial technology specialist, we are aware of the great significance many of our historical monuments hold.”

Location: Paris, France
Industry: Conservation
Scanned: Arc de Triomphe
Scan Time: 10 minutes
Size: 50m tall

Historic England

“Many historical projects hold great significance to a location’s cultural heritage, and indeed, its people. For our team at Historic England, this is the fundamental concept to our work in order to conserve pieces of our country’s history.”

Location: Ramsgate, UK
Industry: Conservation
Scanned: Underground tunnel
Scan Time: 10 mins per scan
Size: 1km in length

Old Tuscon Studios

Between tours and filming, Old Tucson Studios is a dynamic environment that couldn’t shut down to accommodate our University of Arizona 3D scanning team. With the equivalent of four city blocks and dozens of building exteriors and interiors to scan, we had to move fast.

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Industry: Conservation
Scanned: Outdoor Film Studio
Scan time: Two hours
Size: 42,000 sq/m

Oxford Archaeology

48 hours to scan three historic sites in Israel – ambitious or impossible? Equipped with a handheld 3D mapping device from GeoSLAM, we were determined to find out.

Location: Various, Israel
Industry: Conservation
Scanned: Historic Sites
Scan time: 48 hours
Size: Three sites across Israel

Builders by Design

We spoke with Director, Nick Phillips, following their recent purchase of their GeoSLAM ZEB Revo RT to get an understanding of how this was helping to support their business. Previously, external companies were appointed to produce the 2D surveys which proved to be expensive, time consuming and not without errors and omissions.

Location: London, UK
Industry: Construction
Scanned: Residential Properties
Scan Time: 6-8 scans per day

Choate Construction

2017’s Hurricane Irma was the most powerful storm to hit the continental United States since Katrina in 2005. Besides the high human cost (almost 100 lives lost in the US) the financial cost to property was estimated to top $50 billion – the 5th costliest hurricane in US history.

Amongst those damaged properties were the Westlake Apartments in Savannah, Georgia – a complex of 14 buildings containing 100 individual apartments encompassing over 111,000 sq. ft. These residential structures were flooded by the storm surge – meaning major renovations were required to repair the significant water damage.

Location: Savannah, Georgia
Industry: Construction
Scanned: Residential Properties
Scan Time: 6-8 scans per day

University of Bamberg

With the adoption of digital technologies such as laser scanning, photogrammetry and other digital tools becoming ever more prevalent in conservation and preservation; it is easy to see why, in 2017, the University of Bamberg launched a new master’s degree, ‘Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation’.

Location: Franconia, Germany
Industry: Education
Scanned: Cistercian landscapes
Size: 3 hectares
Scan time: 3.5 hours

Midland Survey

“Midland Survey are experts in surveying complex and difficult to access spaces where there is limited or no GPS, but Oriel College with its labyrinthine network of historic buildings brought a particular set of challenges.

Location: Oxford, UK
Industry: Education
Scanned: University
Scan time: 30 mins per scan
Size: 12,000 sq/m

Virginia Tech

The Vauquois battlefield in France tells a little known story of mining warfare during World War I. Through four years of combat which saw the hilltop village of Vauquois completely destroyed, French and German troops dug miles of tunnels under each other’s positions to plant explosive mines that would ‘bomb’ the enemy from below. More than 14,000 soldiers died there.

Location: Vauquois, France
Industry: Education
Size: Several kilometres
Time: Three times faster than terrestrial sensors


All over the world, countries are looking to nuclear and hydro renewables, not only to provide their electricity needs but to meet climate goals. This is resulting in the decommissioning of coal-fossil power plants that no longer have a role to play in our fast-changing world.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Industry: Civil Engineering
Scanned: Coal Power Station
Size: 117,000 sq/m
Scan time: 8 hours

BHC Rhodes

Transforming an aging school in the Jazz District of Kansas City to a community arts centre required the power of today’s real-time technology.

Location: Kansas City, USA
Industry: Civil Engineering
Scanned: School
Size: 42,592 sq/ft
Scan Time: 4.5 hours


COWI is a multi-discipline engineering and planning firm based in Denmark. We have been eager to accelerate survey workflows and, as a result, have embraced digital engineering and added several GeoSLAM solutions to our arsenal of specialist scanning equipment.

Location: Various, Denmark
Industry: Engineering
Scanned: Municipal buildings
Scan Time: 6 months
Size: 400 buildings

Minnesota Manholes

Public works and energy utilities are continually looking for new ways to protect the safety of their personnel in the field. With the help of the GeoSLAM ZEB Revo mobile laser scanner and the specially designed GeoSLAM Cradle, the cramped and hazardous spaces in manholes can now be captured in 3D without putting field workers at risk.

Location: Minnesota, USA
Industry: Civil Engineering
Scanned: Sewer pipe network
Size: 4,500 manholes

Virtual Singapore

Determined to future-proof Singapore’s success, the country has embarked on one of the most ambitious digital twinning projects the world has ever seen – creating a dynamic 3D city model and collaborative data platform, including 3D maps of the region.

Location: Singapore
Industry: Engineering
Size: 376 ground floor void decks
Scan Time: 100 hours
Scanned: Apartment blocks

Scanning on the Istrian Peninsula

The aim of the survey was to create up to date campsite documentation in the form of 2D vector maps, high resolution 2D raster maps, georeferenced imagery, and a digital terrain model with contours.

Location: Rovinj, Croatia
Industry: Geospatial
Scanned: Campsite
Size: 1100m x 700m
Scan time: 20 minutes per scan

Using the ZEB Horizon for
property remodelling

The surveyor in charge of this scan, Robin Bruna, was able to walk and scan, cutting down the time it took to capture the entire area, whereas a static scanner on a tripod would have taken far longer due to the tough terrain. The entire scan was
conducted using only the GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon.

Location: Théoule-Sur-Mer, France
Industry: Geospatial
Scanned: French Villa
Size: Approx. 8000 Sq/M
Scan time: 10-15 minutes per scan

LIFA Surveyors

A 3D model was needed to help determine if new conveyor belts could be threaded through the existing features for the expansion.

Location: Billund, Denmark
Industry: Geospatial
Scanned: Airport luggage facility
Size: 5400m
Scan Time: 10 minutes

Omega Geomatics

Today’s surveyor needs to quickly and accurately capture, manage and utilise 3D spatial information – often in environments where there is very limited time on site. Omega Geomatics, a land surveying practice in the UK, took on one such task when they produced 2D floor plans for a nursing home, while the site was occupied 24/7.

Location: Kent, UK
Industry: Geospatial
Scanned: Residential home
Scan time: 20 seconds per scan
Size: 23 rooms measuring 663m

Smarter Spaces

Canadian 3D geospatial experts Smarter Spaces engaged in a partnership with the University of New Brunswick (UNB) to laser scan a tunnel in a hydroelectric dam – producing a point cloud model to be overlaid with photogrammetry.

Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Industry: Geospatial
Scanned: Hydroelectric dam
Scan time: 1 hour scanning total
Size: 3,000 ft

Scanning a cavity with the ZEB Horizon

GeoSLAMs German dealer, Laserscanning Europe, were recently tasked with scanning a 70m deep cavity in a mine 500m below the earths surface. Using the ZEB Horizon on a cradle, Laserscanning Europe were able to successfully and safely capture the data, and this is their account of the job.

Location: Hattorf, Germany
Industry: Mining
Scanned: 70m Deep Cavity

Beck Engineering

With GeoSLAM’s ’go-anywhere’ 3D technology, Beck Engineering has immediate access to invaluable data regarding underground conditions. This time-sensitive information means we can accurately measure the shape of an excavation or tunnel over time.

Location: Perth, Australia
Industry: Mining
Scanned: Nine Tunnels

Kidd Mine, Glencore

With the aid of GeoSLAM’s 3D mapping technology, the mine is able to assess risk associated with ground and support systems failure, magnitude seismic events, large-scale deformation or rock bursts associated with mining at extreme depths.

Location: Timmins, Ontario
Industry: Mining
Scanned: Base metal mine
Scan Time: 15 mins per scan

Iowa Department of Transport

At Iowa State DOT (Department of Transport) it is our job to make sure over 24,000 miles of road remains clear and safe to use in winter. We have 109 maintenance areas across the state where stockpiles of salt are kept for distribution. Each facility can each hold up to 1200 tonnes

Location: Iowa, USA
Industry: Mining
Scanned: Salt stockpiles
Scan Time: 10 mins per scan
Size: 109 stockpiles

New Range Gold

Newrange Gold is bringing new things to old places at the Pamlico project, which was one of the highest-grade gold districts in Nevada in the 1880s. Records of the mine workings are lost and the workings have never been systematically studied, leaving an enormous opportunity to map, survey, and sample the old exposures.

Location: Nevada, USA
Industry: Mining
Scanned: Pamlico Ridge
Scan time: 15 minutes per scan
Size: 5 miles of mine tunnels

Underground Mining in China

Beijing SCR Instruments Ltd and Datamine explore the applications of GeoSLAM’s ZEB REVO.

Location: China
Industry: Mining

Lifa Surveyors

Accurately calculating the usable area of floor space in a new residential or office building has serious legal implications in Denmark, so providing this data is big business for Danish surveying firms.

Location: Vejle, Denmark
Industry: Real Estate
Scanned: Apartment Block
Scan Time: 90 minutes
Size: 58,000 sq. ft.

Precision Property Management

“We were tasked with surveying a vast private house in order to generate accurate as-built construction drawings for renovation. The unique challenge was that the 20,000 sq. ft Santa Barbara residence was occupied at the time, requiring the survey to be completed quickly and in an unobtrusive manner.

Location: California, USA
Industry: Real Estate
Scanned: Private residence
Scan time: 2.5 hours
Size: 20,000 sq/ft


Zien24, a Rotterdam-based media and marketing company, produces content and digital floorplans for estate agents covering all types and sizes of residential and commercial properties. As the company grew and acquired more clients, they found that the traditional terrestrial survey techniques were too slow and laborious to meet their needs.

Location: Netherlands
Industry: Real Estate
Size: 5000 properties in 5 months
Scan Time: 15 mins per scan
Scanned: Residential and commercial properties

Entropy Group

Entropy Group LLC has been working alongside law enforcement and US attorneys nationwide in order to compress response times to active shooter events, by utilizing 2D floor plans and 3D models developed from GeoSLAM ZEB Revo RT data sets

Location: California, USA
Industry: Security
Scanned: Schools across the USA
Time: Response time reduced by 21%
Size: 98,200 institutions

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