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Greek dealer Landmark Celebrates 50 Years in Business

22nd September, 2018

GeoSLAM’s Greek distributor Landmark celebrate 50 years in business this September with a special event in Athens.

On 22nd September, the company will celebrate this momentous achievement with a selection of customers and suppliers at the Titania Hotel in Athens city centre.

GeoSLAM’s EMEA Channel Manager, Marcel Goyvaerts, will be representing GeoSLAM at this prestigious event, and holding a talk on the importance of handheld, mobile mapping for the future of Landmark’s business.

To see the details of the event, including a full agenda of the day’s activities, please visit the dedicated Event page;

Landmark’s 50th Birthday

GeoSLAM to Demo Fast, Easy and Versatile 3D Mobile Laser Scanning at 2018 SPAR3D Conference

25th May 2018

GeoSLAM will demonstrate the speed, simplicity and versatility of 3D mobile data collection next week at the 2018 SPAR3D Expo & Conference. The technology firm will preview its latest product – the ZEB REVO RT handheld laser scanner – and conduct several live demonstrations of complex, indoor 3D mapping during the SPAR3D event.

“The future of surveying has arrived, and it is mobile!” said Robby Dudley, GeoSLAM NAFTA Channel Manager. “The ZEB-REVO RT is a game-changer for 3D surveying and mapping applications in AEC [Architecture, Engineering, Construction] and facilities management.”

The two-pound ZEB-REVO RT handheld scanner and fully integrated GeoSLAM HUB registration software will make their official North American debuts in the GeoSLAM booth (#539) at SPAR3D, which is being held June 5-7 in Anaheim, California.

GeoSLAM will participate in several live activities throughout the show:


  • Product Preview at 9:45 am on Tuesday, June 5 – conference pass holders only
  • Live Product Demonstrations in the Demo Theater (next to GeoSLAM booth) on June 6 and 7, 10am
  • Live presentations at stand #539 throughout the show.


SPAR3D attendees will learn how the ZEB-REVO system slashes the time and expense of performing complex 3D mapping in a variety of indoor environments from construction and renovation sites to plants and office spaces. Environments that once took hours to map take just minutes with the ZEB-REVO RT, generating an accurate 3D map in near real-time without loss of detail.

“Mapping literally occurs at walking speed,” said Dudley. “And the ZEB-REVO is so easy to use that data collection can be performed by junior staff to free up senior surveyors for other important tasks.”

Introduced in late 2017, the ZEB-REVO RT is ideal for mapping tight and hard-to-access spaces, such as underground, plant rooms and even inside drop ceilings. The device uses WiFi to seamlessly connect the scanner to a mobile phone or tablet, allowing for real-time data visualization as the user works, eliminating the need for post-processing. The GeoSLAM Hub software creates a truly end-to-end surveying and mapping workflow, enabling ZEB-REVO RT users to process, view, merge, edit and output 2D and 3D deliverables from within a single software package.

GeoSLAM data is fully compatible with software packages from other developers, including SPAR3D exhibitors ClearEdge3D and Bentley Systems, allowing for a seamless and smooth workflow.

“By participating in a short demo at SPAR3D, AEC professionals, contractors and building managers will quickly understand why architecture, engineering, construction and facilities management are the fastest growing sectors for GeoSLAM technology right now,” said Dudley.

The 2018 SPAR3D Conference is being co-located with the AECNext Technology Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center. For details, visit the dedicated GeoSLAM SPAR page at Or check out the official SPAR3D site at

GeoSLAM announces distribution agreement with Cansel in Canada

16th April, 2018

GeoSLAM is pleased to announce their growing global distribution network has added another distribution partner in Canada, Cansel.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Cansel will distribute the full line of GeoSLAM’s SLAM based handheld lidar mapping products throughout their vast number of retail outlets across Canada. Cansel’s intimate knowledge of the Canadian indoor and outdoor mapping market will allow Cansel’s customers to be exposed to the market leading global SLAM based mapping products from GeoSLAM Ltd.

GeoSLAM NAFTA Channel Manager, Robby Dudley said;

“We are excited to have a professional organization like Cansel join our global distribution partnership.  Both companies are global leaders in their respective positions in the land-based measurement market. With Cansel’s national team of professionals and GeoSLAM’s leading handheld 3D SLAM technology this is a natural evolution for both companies. This partnership will continue to expand Cansel’s dominant market presence in Canada and GeoSLAM to continue its leadership in the global 3D SLAM handheld scanner market.

Martin Trudelle, Vice President for Geospatial Business at Cansel said;

“We are excited with the opportunities this new product offering represents for the surveying and mapping community in Canada. GeoSLAM’s ZEB-REVO is cutting edge technology. This lightweight, revolving handheld scanner can collect 40,000 points per second with integrated video to add contextual imagery to the 3D scan data. This is perfect for our customer base. They’ll be able to model building interiors, document traffic accidents and crime scenes, map underground mine networks and complete utility inventory surveys with a greater amount of detail than ever.”

Available for order immediately, Cansel is offering the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO throughout Canada through tailored solutions to fit its customers’ specific applications. Cansel will also be offering this product through its BuildingPoint Canada and SolidCAD subsidiaries. This partnership with GeoSLAM dovetails perfectly with both companies’ vision to further empower the 3D measurement community and to meet the demands of a rapidly maturing scanning market.


GeoSLAM Academy Events prove a hit with customers

16th March, 2018

The GeoSLAM Academy series of customer-facing events have got off to a strong start, with 3 successful events on 3 continents delivered. The inaugural event, hosted by GeoSLAM Brazilian distributor CPE Tecnologia, attracted over 40 attendees to Belo Horizonte for a series of workshops and practical demo sessions.

This was closely followed by the 1-day seminar session hosted by newly-signed Moroccan dealer Enigma in Casablanca, which attracted over 60 prospective customers from the worlds of surveying, construction, engineering and architecture.

Finally, this week in the UK, Korec Group hosted a Product Roadshow day, which introduced the mobility of the ZEB-REVO RT Solution to their existing customer base. Over 90 attendees – including surveyors, engineers, contractors and project managers got to see the technology up-close, and an introduction by VP of Product Management Mark Reid.

Upcoming events in the Academy stream include a product day hosted by German distributor Laserscanning Europe, taking place on Wednesday 21st March  – follow the link for information on this Event and how to register (Auf Deutsch)

Event: Mobile Mapping Workshop

Date: Wednesday 21st March 2018

Location: Lindner Hotel, Dusseldorf Airport, Germany

Website: Click for Event Details

GeoSLAM celebrates 5 years in business with new HQ, record growth

December 14, 2017


Leading 3D mobile mapping technology specialist, GeoSLAM, is on track to achieve its ambitious growth ambitions in 2018 after relocating to new UK headquarters.

The Nottinghamshire-based firm, which recently celebrated five years in the industry, has moved to Innovation House, a technology hub at Ruddington Business Park just outside the city of Nottingham. The new premises will enable the company to achieve its goal to double in size in the coming year.

GeoSLAM, the global experts in ‘go anywhere’ 3D mobile mapping technology, develops handheld laser scanners that quickly and simply capture geospatial data on complex, indoor or difficult-to-access sites for the creation of 2D floorplans and 3D BIM models.

The success of 2016’s innovative ZEB-REVO handheld scanner, and the recently launched ZEB-REVO RT, have fuelled this growth, as David Burton, CEO, explains:

“Our relocation is not just about taking on new offices. It’s an important milestone in the company’s history and a fitting way to celebrate both a year of successes and five years in the industry.

“2017 has seen an increase in sales of 300% from 2016, a doubling of staff numbers and a growth of our global distribution network. We now serve companies working in multiple industries such as surveying, engineering and facilities management in over 50 countries”

“We attribute this success to the simple yet transformative nature of our products. Our mobile mapping solutions dramatically reduce project costs because teams are now able to identify potential problems before work begins. Compared to traditional survey methods, our scanners allow practically anyone to capture vast quantities of data, quickly, easily, and across a huge range of environments”



GeoSLAM mobile technology features in Science Channel Series in the US

October 24, 2017


GeoSLAM’s revolutionary 3D mobile mapping technology is to be featured in Season 2 of the popular Science Channel show, ‘Secrets of the Underground’.

The show, fronted by biologist Rob Nelson (Twitter @UntamedScience), travels the world exploring the hidden and wonderful world of the subterranean.

The ZEB-REVO mobile scanning solution is ideal for these hidden and secret spaces, as it requires no GPS signal, is incredibly mobile and works perfectly at low light levels.

Described as a ‘life saver‘ by Rob Nelson, the mobile scanning system features in multiple episodes of the show, which returns this Saturday, October 28th, on the Science Channel.

Check out the Science Channel website for more information on the show.

GeoSLAM Launches Game-Changing Technology in the UK during Digital Construction Week

October 13, 2017


The global experts in “go anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology are launching their brand new time and cost-saving surveying technologies in the UK.

GeoSLAM will be demonstrating the ZEB-REVO RT and GeoSLAM Hub on booth C18 at Digital Construction Week, which takes place at ExCel London between 18-19 October.

The ZEB-REVO RT is the next generation of the hugely popular ZEB-REVO – GeoSLAM’s lightweight, handheld laser scanner which allows the rapid and simple mapping of complex, indoor and multi-level spaces.

The ZEB-REVO RT utilises WiFi technology to seamlessly connect the scanner to a mobile phone or tablet, allowing for real time data visualisation as you walk and scan. The simultaneous scanning and processing of 3D data removes any need for post-processing – effectively slashing your project survey times in half. The technology is so rapid, you can scan and process a 3-storey building in just 30 minutes.

The successor to GeoSLAM Desktop, GeoSLAM Hub is the latest version of their award-winning SLAM registration software. Enabling truly ‘end to end’ data capture, the tool allows users to process, view, merge, edit and output 2D and 3D deliverables all from within the one software package.

John Allan, VP of Sales & Marketing at GeoSLAM, said:

“It’s fantastic to be able to showcase our latest products at such a key event in the digital construction calendar.”

“Visitors to Digital Construction Week will be able to see our ‘All in One’ solution for 3D point cloud manipulation for themselves. Our GeoSLAM Hub software builds on the strengths of GeoSLAM Desktop with its ability to process anywhere, anytime, but it also has a whole new range of features too, including GeoSLAM Draw which allows the user to create 2D plans, sections and elevations from a 3D point cloud.”

“At GeoSLAM, we pride ourselves on our hassle-free solutions which allow construction and engineering professionals to complete jobs up to 10 times faster than when using traditional survey tools, helping them to also cut project costs by as a much as a third. We cannot wait to share our expertise with attendees in the UK at this month’s event.”

John will be delivering a talk entitled “How Mobile Laser Scanning is facilitating the Fourth Industrial Revolution” from the Tech Stage on Wednesday 18th, at 10.30am.

Register now on the Event website for your ticket, and be sure to visit GeoSLAM at stand C18 between 18-19 October.

GeoSLAM Changing The Economics of 3D Laser Scanning with new product launches at INTERGEO

September 25, 2017


The experts in “go anywhere” 3D mobile mapping are launching the latest version of their award-winning SLAM registration software at INTERGEO 2017.

GeoSLAM Hub, the successor to GeoSLAM Desktop, will be officially released at the conference and trade fair at the Berlin Exhibition Centre, Germany between 26-28 September.

GeoSLAM Hub enables truly ‘end to end’ data capture with users able to process, merge and output 2D and 3D deliverables all within the one software package.

Mark Reid, VP of Product Management at GeoSLAM, said:

“It’s great to be heading back to INTERGEO to launch GeoSLAM Hub. Our latest software offering is truly an ‘All in One’ solution for 3D point cloud manipulation. The Hub has built on the strengths of GeoSLAM Desktop with its ability to process anywhere, anytime, but with a whole new range of functions. One of these is GeoSLAM Draw – which allows the simple and rapid creation of 2D plans, sections and elevations from a 3D point cloud.

Besides this exciting new software offering, GeoSLAM will also be launching the next generation of the hugely popular ZEB-REVO mobile scanner.

ZEB-REVO RT will cut survey times in half, by collecting and processing scan data simultaneously whilst on the move. The 3D scan is displayed in real time on either a mobile phone or tablet, connected wirelessly to the scanner, allowing for immediate visual feedback on coverage and data quality.

The time-saving and hassle-free solutions developed by GeoSLAM help to ensure that customers are completing jobs 10 times faster than when using traditional survey tools – and slashing up to two-thirds off project costs.

GeoSLAM will be showcasing both of these ‘game changing’ product developments at their booth throughout the 3-day event. The company will also be carrying out hourly live demonstrations of the technology, in their purpose built ‘auditorium’ space.

To find out more about GeoSLAM’s activities at INTERGEO 2017, visit the dedicated page at or visit them in person at Booth B1.051, in Hall 1, between 26-28 September.

GeoSLAM Unveils Predictions for Engineering’s Digital Future

August 21, 2017

The world’s leading name in ‘go-anywhere’ 3D mobile mapping technology is calling on the engineering and construction sector to recognise the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ in a new white paper entitled ‘Digital Engineering: Building Reality’.

The findings include:

  • A prediction that digital technology will radically overhaul the way buildings are designed, constructed and managed in the coming years, expanding on the latest developments in Building Information Modelling (BIM).
  • An acknowledgement that digital technology has already proved to be a disruptive but lucrative force in sectors like retail, publishing and travel – but is set to open up new business opportunities in construction.
  • A clear description of what Digital Engineering is, and how technologies, such as BIM, form part of it.
  • An understanding that the power of digital engineering – which partly involves using advanced 3D scanning techniques to rapidly create highly-detailed models of a structure or site – has enormous commercial advantages.
  • Benefits such as facilitating better design, and identifying risks earlier on in the construction process thereby avoiding expensive delays and overruns. Delivery teams can expect greater predictability in building performance and more accurate costs and time-scales for project delivery.

The whitepaper comes after latest forecasts reveal that growth in the construction sector will rise by 70 per cent across the world by 2025, with big data analytics, drones, mobile connectivity, sensors and other digital technology playing a significant role in enabling this growth.

Underlining the increased role digital engineering will play in future planning, John Allan, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at GeoSLAM said:

“Compared to other industry sectors, the construction and engineering industry has been slow to embrace digital technology. But this is about to change, as the significant benefits that digital technologies bring to the way we design, construct and maintain our infrastructure are revealed. In this competitive market, now is the time to embrace digital engineering; those who do will not only survive, but thrive.

“It’s fair to say that advances in technology now allow construction firms to undertake surveys that would not have been possible even a decade ago, such as a recent school renovation project which used 3D mobile mapping technology to create a ‘real-time digital twin’ of a 100-year-old building.

“In this instance, planning permission was subject to detailed drawings being submitted, but there were a number of hazards including asbestos and unstable floors and ceilings. The team used our handheld scanners to scan the building safely, quickly and accurately in just four-and-a-half hours.”

Steven Eglinton, Director at GeoEnable, acknowledges how another key benefit of digital engineering is improved collaboration between stakeholders through the integration of technology.

He said: “Digital engineering is the transformation from analogue to digital for the engineering and construction sector and represents the evolution of BIM. Without digital technology, this would not be possible, but it goes further than this. In fact, the success of building projects depends on a harmonious blend of people, process and technology working together.”

To download your own copy of the whitepaper for FREE, visit our Resources page.


GeoSLAM to feature in upcoming BBC Show Countryfile

August 8, 2017

GeoSLAM’s ZEB-REVO is to be featured in an upcoming episode of the popular Sunday evening BBC show, Countryfile.

The appearance follows the hugely successful Countryfile Live event, which took place over the weekend of 4-7th August, and attracted over 100,000 visitors to the venue, the beautiful and historic Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

UK GeoSLAM customer MK Surveys will be featured in the show, laser scanning one of the estate’s historic bridges utilising the handheld ZEB-REVO scanner.

The programme will be broadcast on Sunday 20th August, on BBC1, at 6pm (BST).


GeoSLAM signs up Seiler Instrument for Midwest USA Distribution

July 17, 2017

GeoSLAM, the experts in “go-anywhere” 3D mobile mapping, has continued to grow its presence in the USA by signing up Seilier Instrument & Mfg. Co. Inc. as authorised distribution partner for the Midwest United States.

Seiler Instrument is a privately held, multi-divisional company that has been family owned and operated since 1945. The Seiler Geospatial Division team of sales and support professions offer solutions, consulting, sales, training and implementation of services at 7 locations across 6 Midwest States – Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska and 2 locations in Missouri.

“The robust SLAM algorithm from GeoSLAM provides a very efficient and accurate workflow that makes indoor mobile mapping very accessible,” said Travis LeMoine, Seiler’s Director of Emerging Technologies.

“We’re very excited to offer the ZEB-REVO solution to our progressive customer partners initially in the following core industries; Surveying, Engineering, Forestry, Facilities & Asset Management and Mining. GeoSLAM has produced a system that is both powerful and portable.”

Seiler Instrument will offer sales as well as rental of this solution. Check out this video which explains more about the mobile mapping solution from GeoSLAM and Seiler.

The appointment of Seiler Instrument follows the recent appointment of GPServ Inc. in Florida, and brings the current number of distributors in the USA up to 4, across 10 States.

It also recently follows the appointment of Del Stewart as West Coast USA Channel Manager for GeoSLAM. Del joins NAFTA Channel Manager Robby Dudley as the second US-based representative for GeoSLAM, and speaks of the continuing growth and commitment of the UK-based company to this market.

To find all GeoSLAM distributor locations in the USA, and worldwide, click this link

Surveying congress

Danish Distributor Attends Annual Surveying Congress

Feb 15, 2017

Our Danish distributor Pro-måling attended the annual Danish Surveying Congress at Nyborg Strand Hotel, Denmark, earlier this month.

Over the 2-day event, Pro-måling’s Bjarne Fredheim, together with GeoSLAM’s EMEA Channel Manager Marcel Goyvaerts, were on hand to demonstrate the unique scanning capabilities of the ZEB-REVO, the ZEB-CAM, and the newly released GeoSLAM Desktop V3 software.

The interest from attending surveyors was enthusiastic, and many demonstration scans were carried out to showcase the outstanding performance and speed of the ZEB-REVO.

GeoSLAM’s Marcel Goyvaerts and Pro-måling’s Bjarne Fredheim at the Survey Congress

With almost 600 surveyors in attendance, the annual congress was the perfect platform to present Pro-måling, GeoSLAM and our market-leading products to the Danish market.

The spinoff was likewise impressive, with many contacts being established and some orders was confirmed.

Great forum – great support – great result – great scanners!

laser scan of building

Rapid Mobile Scanning for As Built Building Surveys

Dec 9, 2016

Client: Royal London
Architect: Scott Brownrigg
Structural Engineers: Heyne Tillett Steel (HTS)
Contractor: BAM Plant

BAM Plant were commissioned to install the steelwork and concrete slabs to a 5-storey commercial redevelopment in Egham, Surrey (UK). The structure of the building is a composite steel frame with in-situ concrete slabs on a 7.5m x 9m grid.

Part of BAM’s brief was to laser scan the new building elements to check the measurements of the floor slabs. After considering various options, BAM decided that a mobile scanning solution was preferred. They used a GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO surveying system from Opti-cal, GeoSLAM’s UK distributor.

3D point cloud of the completed building structure
3D point cloud of the completed building structure

Andy Ewen, BAM’s Manager of Survey and Power tools, explains the choice;

“This was the first time we used this type of scanner and we were able to complete the whole structure in approximately one hour. After completing the scan we were able to segment the point cloud survey to obtain the individual floor areas as required.”

To find out more about the rapid mobile surveying technology that is the ZEB-REVO, you can visit the Opti-cal website and find your nearest office location, or for enquiries outside of the UK, you can email GeoSLAM at

Useful Links:

3d laser scanning crime scene

The Future of Hazardous Unmanned Mobile Mapping

Nov 30, 2016

Last month GeoSLAM Ltd and Blackdog Robotics announced their partnership to provide unmanned mobile indoor & outdoor mapping solutions. Now, we explain what this new partnership means, what it can offer to a wide range of market sectors, and how unmanned mobile mapping is at the forefront of the surveying market.

A Trans-Atlantic Partnership
UK-based GeoSLAM is a market-leader in the design and manufacture of handheld indoor mapping systems. Using advanced Geospatial Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) software, the firm’s technology enables 3D documentation of indoor or ‘enclosed’ environments without the need for GPS, used in a variety of ways including the construction, mining, forestry, security, and marine sectors.

The firm was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between CSIRO (Australia’s National Science Agency and the inventors of Wi-Fi) and 3D Laser Mapping (a leading global provider of 3D LIDAR solutions).

Renowned for its ZEB1 and ZEB-REVO handheld mobile indoor mapping systems, GeoSLAM has a rapidly expanding global network of over 40 distributors across 6 continents.

US-based BlackDog Robotics is a division of NPC Robotics, which was founded in 1983 in Mound, Minnesota. The new division came into being in the early 2000s through the chance meeting of NPC founder and president Norm Domholt and BlackDog’s chief technology officer Michael Garrod on the set of television shows such as TLC’s Robotica and the BBC’s Robot Wars.

NPC had been building a reputation in the ‘robot-war’ world for some time due to their strong design pedigree and use of light and inexpensive parts. The two men saw the potential for the creation of a resilient and dependable modular robot to assist in the areas of law enforcement, first responders and surveillance. Thus, BlackDog Robotics was born.

Flash forward to the fall of 2016; with GeoSLAM’s expanding presence into the US market, it was only a matter of time before these two young, innovative companies crossed paths. It was immediately clear that the two products offered solutions with a large amount of overlap – whether it concerns mobility, ease-of-use, adaptability to varying environments, modularity – both GeoSLAM and BlackDog have them all.

The first public outing for the new partnership was at this year’s Intergeo Trade Fair in Germany, when BlackDog’s robot (affectionally named Ricky after a much-loved childhood black Labrador) made the journey across the Atlantic to make a guest appearance on GeoSLAM’s booth. With a rotating ZEB-REVO mounted onto the top, it was safe to say that Ricky attracted a huge amount of attention, and threatened to steal the show! But beyond the bright lights of trade shows, what does this new partnership have to offer?

Amalgamated Technology
Since the launch of GeoSLAM’s ZEB-REVO (in the spring of 2016), customers both existing and new have been delighted by the advances made on 2013’s ZEB1. Where the ZEB1 is solely handheld, the REVO’s in-built motor allows for autonomous rotation of the scanner head, releasing the unit from the grasp of the user and allowing remote operation for the first time. The existing mobility enjoyed by users of the ZEB1 (up and down stairs, inside caves, etc.) has been increased, allowing for mounting onto poles, backpacks, drones, surfaces, and even vehicles.

Vehicles, such as the BlackDog modular robotic platform. Developed with input from law enforcement personnel, the goal was to produce a reliable tool to gather data in hazardous environments, deploying a robot in place of a human. The data collected via the robot can be used to inform and support decision making in tactical incident management, reducing risk and improving outcomes. With a standard top speed of 3.8mph, the highly mobile robot can traverse a multitude of landscapes and environments, including sand, mud, debris, water and snow, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40C to +65C. With the REVO’s datalogger (containing the unit’s battery & data storage) safely stowed inside the water and dust resistant casing of the robot, the two technologies operate in perfect tandem, often in very challenging conditions.

To cope with these challenges, both technologies need to be rugged. The BlackDog robot has been designed from the ground-up, for maximum modularity and ease of operation. It is capable of being disassembled and re-assembled using just 1 single hex key. Similarly, the REVO’s battery pack is easily replaced, again with the use of a hex key. Not that battery life is likely to be an issue – the REVO has a battery life of around 4 hours (continuous use), whereas the robot can operate for around 3 – plenty of time for even large areas of interest to be scanned.

Speaking of scanning, this is another area that GeoSLAM has improved upon. While the ZEB1 features a 40Hz speed scanner, the ZEB-REVO boasts an impressive 100Hz scanner, 2.5 times faster. Why is this important? With both units collecting 43,000 data point a second, the faster scan speed of the REVO allows for these data points to be spread more evenly across each scan line. The result? Coupled with the fixed rotation speed of the scanner head, the outcome is a more evenly-distributed cloud of points.

Not only is the data more even, but it is also more useful. With a more even spread of points, GeoSLAM’s world-leading SLAM algorithm can use more of the collected data in order to build up the resulting point cloud. There is a pleasing circularity in all of this – that a SLAM algorithm originally developed for the robotics industry is now being used in a mobile scanner mounted upon a robotic platform!

Multiple Applications
So, what is the potential for this collaboration? The adaptability of the REVO and the multi-mission configuration of the robot allow for a wide range of applications, including; terrorist/security incidents, law enforcement, and rescue/hostage situations.

All of this is made possible by the robot’s rugged hand held control unit, which features a line-of-sight (LOS) range greater than 500ft (150m), allowing the robot to be started, stopped and controlled from a safe distance. Such a distance is vital when scanning in hazardous environmental or risky situations, and removes the need for personnel to be put at risk.

With a bespoke modification for this robotic system, the REVO can also be initialised remotely. This allows for the robotic unit to be manoeuvred to the area of interest at top speed, in time-critical situations where speed is of the essence. The ZEB-REVO can then be initialised at a safe distance using the handheld controller. Initialisation is complete in under 1 minute, and scanning commences immediately. With a 360o vertical field of view, the scanner is able to collect a huge amount of environmental geospatial data in just a few short minutes, all whilst the robot is moving through the survey area. Once the survey is complete, the REVO scanner is stopped and the robot moved back to a safe distance.

Once returned, data is downloaded from the unit’s data logger and is processed on-site using GeoSLAM Desktop software, which requires no internet connection. Processing out in the field prevents time-loss and allows for almost immediate results – a 5 minute scan would take 5 minutes to process, for example.

The resulting data is a fully complete, registered point-cloud of the area of interest, allowing for specific and exact measurements of the area or feature of interest.

The Blackdog & GeoSLAM solution is suitable for both accident and crime scene investigations
The Blackdog & GeoSLAM solution is suitable for both accident and crime scene investigations

The Future of Unmanned Mobile Mapping?
In today’s uncertain world, where the threat of terrorist attack is becoming an almost everyday reality, security & police forces are increasingly demanding solutions which can react rapidly, intelligently and reliably, whilst simultaneously not putting their people at risk. With a trans-Atlantic partnership formed through mutual admiration and respect of design and technology, GeoSLAM and BlackDog Robotics believe that their partnership offers real-world solutions to these new and constantly-evolving threats. We look forward to working together in 2017 and beyond, facing whatever challenges the future holds.

The author of this article is Stuart Cadge, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator at GeoSLAM. This article references the work of BlackDog robotics ( and refers to an article by GeoSLAM’s Chief Operating Officer Mark Reid (What is Geospatial SLAM?). The author takes responsibility for any errors or omissions contained within this piece.

3D Laser Mapping & GeoSLAM Global Merger Announced

20th July, 2018

Leading UK laser scanning and monitoring companies’ 3D Laser Mapping Ltd and GeoSLAM Ltd have merged to create one of the world’s most innovative mobile mapping and monitoring technology providers.

3D Laser Mapping is a world leading geospatial technology supplier and innovator. Working alongside some of the world’s biggest mining companies, governments, universities, blue-chip firms and operators of highways, power lines and railways. 3D Laser Mapping helps its customers to capture and understand their world in 3D.

GeoSLAM is a global market leader in 3D hand held mobile mapping technology solutions. Their unique “go-anywhere” technology is adaptable to all environments especially spaces that are indoor, underground or difficult to access, providing accurate 3D mobile mapping without the need for GPS.

Graham Hunter, the founder of 3D Laser Mapping explains;

“This merger will combine the best of the two leading organisations with strong global coverage. They both have very different skill sets with GeoSLAM specialising in global sales, marketing and distribution, whilst 3D Laser Mapping bringing advanced R&D capabilities. This will enable the new organisation to supply next generation leading products worldwide. The contribution of CSIRO since the formation of GeoSLAM in 2012, has been significant in creating the market for handheld mobile mapping and I look forward to strengthening our relationship through this merger”.

Shareholders agreed to merge the businesses to take advantage of new world market opportunities, increased R&D capability and ensure greater market reach. Shareholders include Graham Hunter, the founder of 3D Laser Mapping and CSIRO’s Data61, Australia’s data innovation network, part of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia’s national science agency.

Adrian Turner, CEO of CSIRO’s Data61 is equally supportive of the merger;

“We’re proud to have been a part of the GeoSLAM story so far and are looking forward to collaborating on its next chapter, providing data analytics and prediction capabilities to support its growth trajectory. The merger with 3D Laser Mapping will accelerate the business into the geospatial data analytics domain, which has potential to reinvent industries worldwide.”

SLAM – Simultaneous, localisation and mapping technology was developed by the CSIRO to solve the problem of mobile mapping from an unknown location. The merger of the two companies will unify under one roof an extensive range of specialist personnel and expertise in the mobile mapping industry.

The newly merged companies will trade as GeoSLAM Ltd, leveraging its global brand that has been developed over the past years.

David Burton, CFO of GeoSLAM commented;

“We are absolutely thrilled to be merging the companies and believe that the combined resources of these businesses will help us to exceed our level of service and support to global customers and dealers. We will continue working with our customers and dealers in the same way as we do now, but look forward to enhancing their experience by bringing together two innovative and ambitious organisations.’’

The new GeoSLAM has offices located in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia and South Africa.

GeoSLAM’s CSR Strategy to Promote Students’ English Skills

13th July, 2018

GeoSLAM were invited to a local Nottinghamshire school with the mission to present a business challenge as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Around 200 students aged 11-12 from Bramcote College took part in this event.

The business challenge was established with the aim of enriching subject learning in partnership with local employers working with Forum Talent Potential – a company supporting teachers with embedding careers provision into the curriculum.

To launch the challenge and engage the students, GeoSLAM’s Rachel Reynolds, Head of Corporate & Social Responsibility, undertook a rapid 3D scan of the school’s library and main assembly hall using a ZEB-REVO, and presented the results to the students.

The students were then required to research the company and its products before recording elevator pitches using non-technical language.

These elevator pitches were reviewed by the GeoSLAM’s Marketing department ahead of a feedback session to the school. Those producing the best work have been invited to visit GeoSLAM’s Global HQ.

Students stated that although the task initially appeared simple, it soon became clear how challenging it could be to use everyday language to describe complex technology.

One student said – ‘It’ll give me a few more ideas of what I might do after I finish school’

This demonstrates that these projects not only enable students to understand how school subjects relate to the world of work but also encourages them to start thinking about their future careers.

The Head of English said – ‘Relevance is everything these days. If a kid can see the relevance of things, they’re more likely to engage in lessons. It’s got a massive knock-on effect. We would like every year group to meet an outside organisation so the world of work becomes more relevant. Otherwise, what use is English?’

Rachel Reynolds said – ‘This has given them a real example of a business challenge that we face and they have come back with a solution for us’

For more information about this programme or GeoSLAM’s CSR work, contact Rachel Reynolds by emailing or calling +44 (0) 1949 831 814

COMIT Community Day at JCB Global HQ

28th June, 2018

GeoSLAM were delighted to join the COMIT group for their June Community Day, held at the prestigious JCB Global Headquarters at Rocester, Staffordshire, UK.

COMIT (standing for Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT) is dedicated to bringing the construction and technology sectors together, enabling them to learn from each other and improving the efficiencies of the construction industry. Founded in August 2003, the group now boasts over 40 organisations and this year celebrates its 15th year.

The combination of technology and construction is a perfect fit for GeoSLAM, with our rapid mobile mapping technology already being used to increase efficiencies throughout the construction build cycle. Applications Engineer Mike Dutch and Marketing Co-ordinator Stuart Cadge formally introduced GeoSLAM and presented case studies relevant to the group. They also received their membership certificate from COMIT Director, Iain Miskimmin.

Attendees on the day included representatives from major construction and engineering companies, including BAM Nuttall, Wates and Willmott Dixon.

Following the presentation schedule, the group were treated to a tour of the JCB facility, learning some of this incredible company’s 70+ year history. The tour included a ‘behind the scenes’ peek of the factory floor, where some of the company’s 300+ models are built. After seeing the slick nature of the operation, it’s no wonder that JCB are recognised as one of the top 3 manufacturers of construction equipment in the world.

GeoSLAM look forward to attending the next Community Day in September.

GeoSLAM to showcase the Future of Construction at Geo Business 2018

15th May, 2018

The market leader in 3D mobile mapping technology, GeoSLAM, is set to host two talks on the future of the construction industry, at this year’s GEO Business event, in London from 22-23 May.

In GeoSLAM’s first talk on 23 May, Vice President of Product Management, Mark Reid, will discuss mobile mapping technology as a tool for the construction industry in the 21st century, and why this is a pivotal time for the sector to embrace digitisation.

Later the same afternoon, Sven van Duffelen, UK Channel Manager for GeoSLAM, will hold an interactive workshop on how to ensure mobile mapping remains simple, yet effective. Attendees will also see the latest GeoSLAM Hub Software showcased during a live demo.

During the two talks, the leading mobile mapping specialists will discuss how mobile technology, like the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO, is being utilised in the construction sector for scanning, BIM, reality modelling, accessing hard-to-reach areas, and how it plays an ever-increasing role in asset management.

The team will be exhibiting at stand G9 for the whole event, offering expert advice and live product demonstrations of the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO Real Time, a lightweight, handheld laser scanner, showing its ease of use, speed and efficiency.

Commenting on the changing landscape of construction and the future of mobile mapping, Mark Reid, said:

“The construction industry is changing rapidly. In a world where time constraints are increasing, competition is rife between surveyors, engineers and construction professionals alike, as they strive to complete processes as efficiently, accurately and cost effectively as possible.

 “Our advancements in mobile mapping technology allow users to keep up with the growing demands of the industry, surveying structures up to ten times faster than before, and providing the raw, accurate and timely data for BIM model production.

 “We’re excited to be attending GEO Business once again this year, showcasing our new technology and software enhancements. We hope our talks will reveal more about the industry and educate, with our first-hand expertise, those who are looking to harness the power of mobile mapping technology to save time and money on build projects across the globe.”

 GEO Business is the largest geospatial event in the UK construction calendar. This year marks the fifth consecutive show, with over 3,000 geospatial professionals expected to arrive in the capital for the 2-day event.

To register your attendance for free at GEO Business at London’s Business Design Centre, and to book your ticket, visit the GEO Business website.

GeoSLAM take Geoterra to new heights with ContextCapture Solution from Bentley

4th May 2018

Chartered land survey and geospatial engineering consultancy, Geoterra, has become the first company to adopt GeoSLAM’s new Bentley ContextCapture solution.

Launched in partnership with Bentley Systems, the solution enables the simple and fast production of hybrid reality models in any environment.

A long standing GeoSLAM customer and one of the first in the UK to embrace GeoSLAM’s ZEB-REVO & ZEB-CAM solution into their service offering, Geoterra had been tasked with surveying a number of railway ventilation shafts and generating reality models for conditional assessment.

The task posed many challenges including poor lighting, access difficulties, limited site accessibility and tight time constraints. As a result, Geoterra called upon GeoSLAM to process the data through Bentley ContextCapture to generate a high-resolution reality mesh for six shafts.

Following a trial conducted by GeoSLAM with one of the shafts, Geoterra made the decision to purchase a ContextCapture Perpetual License and Select Subscription with GeoSLAM on hand to assist in training workflow and optimisation.

Geoterra Managing Director and Chartered Surveyor, Mark Hudson, said

“GeoSLAM have given Geoterra excellent support with our continuation to ‘push the boundaries’ of difficult survey projects by using innovative technology to produce the deliverables that our clients require. The combination of our GeoSLAM REVO & ZEB-CAM together Bentley ContextCapture has produced fantastic quality results which were previously unachievable by any other method”

UK channel manager, Sven van Duffelen, said:

“Our Bentley ContextCapture solution is a really strong package. Not only does it make sense commercially, but the fact that it comes with GeoSLAM assistance too gives businesses the peace of mind to know we’re with them every step of the way.

“Through our partnership with Bentley, we are jointly committed to helping businesses increase efficiencies with rapid mobile reality capture and we’re delighted to be able to help Geoterra on their road to success.”

Bentley Systems’ reality modelling software, ContextCapture, is available on desktop and mobile devices. It produces engineering grade textured 3D models for design, construction, and operations derived photographs, quickly and cost effectively. The software is commonly used for modelling outdoor environments either from images taken from the ground or with the use of drones.

To find out more about GeoSLAM & Bentley ContextCapture and how it could help your business, contact the GeoSLAM team today.

GeoSLAM and Corporate Social Responsibility

21st March 2018

GeoSLAM is embracing a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), taking the first step by attending the East Leake Academy Careers Fair on 15th March 2018.

The event was attended by employers, universities, colleges and training providers and aimed to provide students from age 12 to 18 with opportunities to explore their career options. It enabled them to talk to people from a variety of sectors about jobs they were interested in and to inspire them about exciting careers they may not have considered before.

Over 60 students attended the event with their parents and were given the opportunity to find out more about our exciting SLAM technology whilst finding out more about the roles we employ.

Jason, our Embedded Software Engineer is concerned that not enough young people know about his role and said;

“This was a fantastic opportunity for me to get out and talk to young people about an exciting and rewarding career and how they could be at the forefront of technology as we move to a more connected world. There has never been a better time to consider a career in software and electronic engineering.”

GeoSLAM is planning a range of initiatives to embed CSR.  These include delivering activities in schools to help improve employability skills and raise aspirations and working in partnership with universities to offer placements to undergraduates and PhD students. GeoSLAM also plans to contribute to the wider community and have started discussions with local charities and voluntary sector organisations to look at providing resources which may include staff time for literacy support in schools or business mentoring.

Rachel Reynolds was recently appointed as Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and said;

“We want to take GeoSLAM into the community and share the knowledge, skills and passion we have for science and technology. Getting involved in this event helped us to tell young people about exciting opportunities within the company and to inspire them  about careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).”

GeoSLAM launches Academy programme, unveils first webinar

February 2018

GeoSLAM – the experts in “go anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology, are delighted to launch a brand new feature –
GeoSLAM Academy

The Academy is a series of training events, workshops, demo days and webinars, taking place throughout the year, and at locations across the globe. The aim of the academy is to share our expertise in mobile mapping, to increase understanding of how handheld scanning fits into your toolkit – and, to solve some frequently-encountered problems and challenges.

Ultimately, the goal is to aid you in completing more jobs, in less time, and with minimal hassle – or to put it another way – scanning that is fast, flexible and foolproof.

The first event is an online webinar, focused on utilizing mobile mapping for measured building surveys, and scan to BIM. This interactive, 1-hour session is designed for anyone who wants to increase productivity, improve the efficiency of their workflow and to slash the cost of their indoor surveys.

The webinar takes place on Wednesday, February 21st at the following times;

(both times GMT)

To reserve your place, simply click this link and select your preferred time slot from the drop-down menu.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Academy!

Click to reserve your place NOW

GeoSLAM announces UK distributor agreement with KOREC

December 4th, 2017

KOREC is delighted to announce that under the terms of a new agreement with 3D mobile mapping technology specialists GeoSLAM, it has become an official distributor of the company’s ZEB-REVO handheld laser scanning solutions. KOREC will distribute this product throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

GeoSLAM specialises in the manufacture and development of “go anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology, a range which includes its ZEB-REVO handheld, lightweight scanner, ZEB-CAM camera, and the recently launched ZEB-REVO RT (real time) scanner. With no requirement for GPS, GeoSLAM technology allows users to rapidly build a highly accurate 3D models within minutes, whilst on the move. It is adaptable to any environment including complex and enclosed spaces, and especially GPS-deprived spaces – such as indoors or underground.

Once mapped, the synchronised ZEB-CAM imagery and ZEB-REVO point cloud data can be viewed in GeoSLAM Hub software – in both 2D and 3D formats. For larger projects, multiple datasets can also be merged. Results are available in all major industry standard formats and users can select from a variety of export options and configurations to enable greater integration with 3rd party post processing software.

KOREC will be supplying the ZEB-REVO system which includes the handheld scanner, data logger and desktop pointcloud processing software, all backed up by KOREC’s world class support and training.

Mark Poveda, KOREC Group Commercial Director said,

“KOREC is extremely excited to be partnering with GeoSLAM to supply the ZEB REVO system. With the ZEB-REVO scanner you can very rapidly map a huge array of environments to an accuracy level of ±15mm. The ZEB REVO fits perfectly into KOREC’s product portfolio, offering our customers enhanced scanning capabilities on projects ranging from measured building surveys, construction, stockpiles, crime scenes and beyond.”

John Allan, VP of Sales & Marketing at GeoSLAM, said,

“GeoSLAM has experienced fantastic growth over the last 12 months, and this new partnership with KOREC will be sure to continue this trend into 2018. The combination of GeoSLAM’s smart and reliable technology, alongside KOREC’s 50 years’ of experience serving the geospatial industry, makes for a winning combination. The versatility of GeoSLAM’s solutions also makes for a perfect fit with KOREC’s existing product portfolio, making it a ‘one stop shop’ solution for our customer’s laser scanning and surveying requirements.”

KOREC serves the UK & Northern Ireland survey industry through its offices at Liverpool, Huntingdon & Craigavon (NI).

GeoSLAM Launch Time & Cost Saving 3D Mobile Laser Scanners at Dallas Fall BIM Forum 2017

October 23, 2017

After a hugely successful European launch of GeoSLAM’s new hardware and software offering at InterGeo in Berlin, GeoSLAM will be premiering their new products to American audiences at the Fall BIM Forum in Dallas, Texas.

The ZEB-REVO RT is the next generation of the hugely popular ZEB-REVO – GeoSLAM’s lightweight, handheld laser scanner which allows the rapid and simple mapping of complex, indoor and multi-level spaces.

The ZEB-REVO RT utilises WiFi technology to seamlessly connect the scanner to a mobile phone or tablet, allowing for real time data visualisation as you walk and scan. The simultaneous scanning and processing of 3D data removes any need for post-processing – effectively slashing your project survey times in half. The technology is so rapid, you can scan and process a 3-storey building in just 30 minutes.

The successor to GeoSLAM Desktop, GeoSLAM Hub is the latest version of their award-winning SLAM registration software. Enabling truly ‘end to end’ data capture, the tool allows users to process, view, merge, edit and output 2D and 3D deliverables all from within the one software package.

GeoSLAM are represented at the BIM Forum by NAFTA Channel Manager, Robby Dudley and Vice President of Sales & Marketing, John Allan.

Robby Dudley said:

“We had an excellent turnout at the Spring BIM Forum in San Diego, and we hope to repeat that success in Dallas. Our time and cost-saving scanning products are the perfect addition to the surveyor’s toolkit – complementing traditional, static scanners with a handheld, mobile solution. The simple workflow from scan to point cloud to 3D deliverable makes the production of BIM models simpler and more efficient than ever before.”

The mission statement of the BIM Forum is to explore technological and delivery innovation and performance improvement through building information modeling and new means of collaboration. This mission dovetails perfectly with GeoSLAM’s simple yet advanced technologies – which offer to slash survey times in half.

To find out more about GeoSLAM’s activities at Fall BIM Forum 2017, visit them in person at Booth 627 between 6-8 November.

GeoSLAM and Bentley Systems join forces to take mobile reality modelling indoors

October 5, 2017


GeoSLAM – the experts in “go anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology, and Bentley Systems, a leading global provider of comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure, today announced a partnership to enable the simple and fast production of hybrid reality models in any environment.

Mark Reid, VP of Product Management, GeoSLAM said, “GeoSLAM has already disrupted the reality capture industry by changing the economics of 3D laser scanning enabling buildings, infrastructure, and other challenging environments to be mapped at unprecedented speeds. The simplicity of the ZEB-REVO handheld mobile mapping system has also truly democratized laser scanning enabling anybody to document their facility, or construction site without being a survey expert. The next stage for us is to further improve how our results can be both interpreted and consumed within typical engineering and GIS workflows – and our partnership with Bentley is the perfect vehicle for this.”

Bentley Systems’ reality modelling software, ContextCapture, available on desktop and mobile devices, produces engineering grade textured 3D models for design, construction, and operations derived purely from photographs. A quick and inexpensive way to provide real world context, the software is commonly used for modelling outdoor environments either from images taken from the ground or with the use of drones.

Francois Valois, Senior director of software development, Bentley said, “Bentley is really excited about working with GeoSLAM to extend what is possible with both ContextCapture and ZEB-REVO. With the recent introduction of hybrid processing, it is now possible to produce reality models based on both photos and laser data. Certain environments such as indoors often prove to be a challenge for photogrammetry alone due to a lack of texture change. Hence, by using a hybrid solution it is now possible to generate accurate reality models of almost any environment.”

Through a combination of using the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO mobile mapping system and ZEB-CAM, and the latest version of Bentley’s ContextCapture software, it is now possible to produce high resolution textured reality meshes of indoor scenes, complex infrastructure and other challenging environments faster than ever before.

Through this new partnership GeoSLAM and Bentley are jointly committed to further optimise this combined workflow and to push the boundaries of what is possible in rapid mobile reality capture.

Mark Reid of GeoSLAM will be presenting the ZEB-REVO/ContextCapture solution at the Bentley ‘Year in Infrastructure’ conference 2017 taking place October 9-12 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay, Singapore.


Verity – GeoSLAM Collaboration Advances Real-Time Construction Quality Management

September 22, 2017


The next generation of construction quality assurance/control methodology and technology is integrating simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) with building information modeling. GeoSLAM and ClearEdge3D are pleased to announce an upcoming beta program that allows as-built construction data – measured using GeoSLAM’s hand-held, lightweight mobile laser scanners – to be compared against design/fabrication models using ClearEdge3D’s Verity software to quickly and easily identify installation status and out-of-tolerance or inaccurately constructed work.

“Leading AEC firms from around the globe – users of both ClearEdge3D and GeoSLAM technologies – have been encouraging us toward this innovation,” said Mark Reid, Vice President of Product Management for GeoSLAM. “Hand-held mobile laser scanning is faster and more accessible than traditional static terrestrial scanning. The savings, both in terms of verification time and reduced rework, is enormous.”

Now, nearly any member of a construction project team can use a GeoSLAM scanner to gather jobsite data for analysis. The need for traditional survey methodology is reduced because the ZEB-REVO is changing the economics of laser scanning, allowing users to scan more frequently – even daily. That data can then be analyzed in Verity software to make sure the work is being built on schedule and within tolerance; identifying mistakes before they become expensive problems.

“The plan is to have Verity do the same thing with SLAM data as it does with traditional terrestrial data—to very quickly and accurately verify installation status and tolerance,” said Kelly Cone, Vice President of Product Management for ClearEdge3D. “Our customers understand the value of terrestrial scanning, but it can be cost prohibitive for weekly or daily use. Augmenting terrestrial scanning using GeoSLAM’s hand-held mobile scanners gives our clients the freedom to scan as often as they want.”

For companies interested in having a construction project join the beta phase of this technology collaboration, executives from ClearEdge3D (Hall 3.1, Booth D3.003) and GeoSLAM (Hall 1.1, Booth B1.051) will be on hand during the INTERGEO Conference and Trade Fair, September 26th-28th in Berlin, Germany.


Record Six Months for GeoSLAM Thanks to Boom in Digital Engineering

August 30, 2017


GeoSLAM, the experts in “go-anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology, has reported a strong six months of growth, with sales increasing by 150% when compared with 2016/17.

The first half of 2017 also saw the UK-based company double staff numbers, with notable senior appointments including Richard Betts as the new CEO and John Allan as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

GeoSLAM’s global distribution network has grown too, surpassing the 50-mark in July. As a result, GeoSLAM now has a presence in 43 countries across six continents – including new signings in China, the USA and Germany.

GeoSLAM’s CEO Richard Betts attributes the success to rising demand from the construction sector. He said:

“We’ve certainly noticed an increased awareness of the need for accurate, reliable and rapid mapping amongst the surveying and engineering community. With our ZEB-REVO, we have met that need, allowing customers to build a highly accurate 3D model of any environment in minutes.

“Ultimately, it has been a fantastic year so far for us. Now, as we look ahead to the future and supported by our new website, we have our sights set on further growth, and cementing ourselves as the global leader in the field of 3D mobile mapping technology solutions.”

Founded in 2012 as a joint venture between CSIRO (Australia’s National Science Agency and the inventors of Wi-Fi) and 3D Laser Mapping (a specialist provider of 3D LIDAR solutions), GeoSLAM has gone from strength to strength in the space of just five years.

Earlier this month, GeoSLAM released a Digital Engineering whitepaper, which sets out the benefits of embracing digital technology in construction and engineering – sectors which are often reported to be slower to catch on to the benefits of digital solutions over traditional ‘pen and paper’ processes.

The whitepaper also echoes the latest forecasts revealing that growth in the construction sector will rise by 70 per cent across the world by 2025, with big data analytics, developments in scan-to-BIM, drones, mobile connectivity, sensors and other digital technology playing a significant role in enabling this growth. Click here to download the whitepaper for free.

GeoSLAM is looking forward to a busy Autumn schedule, exhibiting their 3D mobile mapping solutions at a number of global geospatial shows, including Intergeo in Berlin, London Build in the UK and BIM Forum in Dallas, Texas.

GeoSLAM Global Network Expands Both East and West

August 10, 2017

GeoSLAM is delighted to announce the signing of 2 new distributors – Frontier Precision Inc. in the USA and Beijing SCR Instruments in China. The new signings represent the 6th and 4th distributors in those territories respectively.

Frontier Precision Inc. was founded in 1988 and serves the surveying, mapping, engineering, construction, GIS and forestry sectors – and as such, is a perfect fit with GeoSLAM’s core industries. Headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota, the company serves 10 states across the Northern USA, including Washington, Colorado, Montana, Utah and Alaska. For more on the company, visit their website, here.

Beijing SCR Instruments are a wholly foreign-owned subsidiary of US-company Durham Geo Slope Indicator – industry experts in geotechnical and structural monitoring equipment since 1957. Beijing SCR provide monitoring and surveying equipment to a wide range of industry sectors including infrastructure, underground, mining and dam engineering. The company has assisted in prestigious projects such as the Three Gorges hydropower dam, as well as dozens of national railway, highway, bridge and tunnel construction projects. Visit their website for more, here.

GeoSLAM now has over 54 distributors serving 43 countries across the world – check out the distributor map on our Contact page to find your nearest.


ZEB-REVO Shortlisted for London Construction Awards

July 21, 2017

GeoSLAM’s handheld mobile scanning device, the ZEB-REVO, has been shortlisted for this year’s London Construction Awards – the leading and most prestigious construction awards for London.

The ZEB-REVO is shortlisted in the category of ‘Technological Innovation of the Year’, and joins 7 other nominees on the shortlist.

The shortlisting of the REVO in these industry awards comes as little surprise, given how it has proved itself over the last year. Architects, engineers and contractors alike love the speed, ease-of-use and flexibility of the REVO for a multitude of on-site jobs – ranging from construction verification, as-built drawing data acquisition, scan-to-BIM, volume and area calculations – the list goes on.

The Awards coincide with the London Build expo event – taking place on October 25-26th – at which GeoSLAM will be exhibiting alongside their UK distributor Opti-cal. The London Build expo features industry leaders from the fields of construction, engineering, architecture and local government including household names such as AECOM, Skanska, Barratt Homes, Balfour Beatty, ARUP – and hundreds more.

The winners of the Awards will be announced at a ticket-only dinner held on the evening of 25th October at The Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London.


GeoSLAM Expands Far East Operations with New Distributors

May 16, 2017

GeoSLAM, the global market leader in “go-anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology, has bolstered its presence in Asia by securing two new distributors in China.

The UK-based firm, which works across a range of industries including surveying, engineering and construction, has announced partnerships with Beijing Onrol Technology Co. Ltd and Beijing MAG Tianhong Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd.

GeoSLAM’s award-winning technology enables the real-time 3D mobile mapping of indoor, underground and hard-to-access places – and now the Beijing distributors are set to take it out to China’s growing markets.

Onrol, headquartered in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, is a 3D scanning technology specialist, operating in sectors such as heritage, public safety and building. It will be focusing its efforts in the North and North East of China.

Located in the Shijingshan District, Beijing MAG also supplies mapping solutions, including 3D laser scanners and BIM systems. Its focus will be eight central Chinese provinces, along with Shanghai.

The latest deals mean that GeoSLAM, best known for its ZEB-REVO handheld mobile mapping devices, now works with 49 distributors in 40 territories around the world.

John Allan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said:

“China remains one of the world’s fastest growing economies with high investment in infrastructure development and construction. Our cutting-edge handheld 3D laser scanning technology enables companies working in these areas to plan, build and monitor their development projects much more efficiently than before. The GeoSLAM products will significantly expand the offerings that Beijing MAG and Beijing Onrol already supply into these markets.”

GeoSLAM was established in 2012 as a joint venture between CSIRO (Australia’s National Science Agency and the inventors of Wi-Fi) and UK investors. As well as China, its Asian distribution network includes Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


GeoSLAM Announces Real-Time Upgrade For ZEB-REVO

Apr 3, 2017

GeoSLAM Ltd announces a real-time upgrade option for the ZEB-REVO – its market leading handheld mobile mapping system. Shown for the first time at SPAR 3D 2017 the optional upgrade consists of a revised datalogger capable of undertaking SLAM registration in real-time. With its own integrated Wi-Fi, the results can be displayed live, as they are captured, on any web browser enabled device including smart phones and tablets.

Mark Reid, VP of Product Management said; “The datalogger is compatible with all existing standard REVOs. The continuous, fast pace of development at GeoSLAM meant that it was important to continue our modular approach to ensure our customers have an easy upgrade path and can quickly access the latest developments.”

Richard Betts, CEO, added, “Real-time feedback enables users to see exactly what they have and haven’t captured before the survey has even finished so nothing is missed. Furthermore, as registration is happening in real time the results are available almost immediately on completion of the survey. Possibly the fastest way to undertake indoor mobile mapping has just got even faster!”

The real-time upgrade for ZEB-REVO is expected to be available to order Summer 2017.

For further information please contact GeoSLAM or your nearest authorised distributor.

geoslam CEO

GeoSLAM Growth Continues With Two Senior Appointments

Feb 23, 2017

GeoSLAM is delighted to announce the appointment of two senior members of staff to their growing team.

The company welcomes Richard Betts as its new CEO and John Allan, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Richard has previously worked as President of Mettoni Inc, a provider of unified communication software solutions with operations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific, and held the position of Executive Vice President of sales and marketing for Enghouse Interactive in the Americas.

On his appointment, Richard said:

“What GeoSLAM has achieved in just four years is impressive – the company is renowned for its ZEB1 and ZEB-REVO handheld mobile mapping devices and boasts a global network of over 45 distributors across 35 territories.

“The next four years will be about establishing GeoSLAM as the global leader in its field and beyond, by continuing to develop its own cutting-edge technologies and providing an invaluable service to many sectors.

“I can’t wait to get to work with such an exciting and promising company.”

John, whose previous roles include senior marketing and sales positions with ERDAS, BAE Systems and exactEarth Ltd, brings with him extensive global experience in geospatial, remote sensing/photogrammetry and maritime monitoring industries.

John added:
“I’m really looking forward to building up GeoSLAM’s commercial infrastructure and strengthening its offering. It’s a young business with a lot of talent that is sure to grow rapidly.”

The GeoSLAM team are excited to have both Richard and John onboard, and are looking forward to the continuing growth and success of the company.

laser scanning software launch

GeoSLAM Launches Desktop v3

Jan 31, 2017

GeoSLAM is delighted to announce the launch of Desktop V3, the latest release of their industry leading SLAM registration software.
GeoSLAM Desktop V3 builds on the success of the popular local desktop version of their SLAM processing software that was released at the start of 2016. Whilst maintaining the simplicity and ease of use of the initial software, V3 now provides users with increased functionality to view, edit, and define results.

Desktop V3 now incorporates a 2D and 3D viewer such that registered point clouds can be immediately viewed without moving to third-party software. Furthermore, if the ZEB-CAM camera accessory is used, it is possible to visualise the synchronised imagery alongside the point cloud within the viewer. This additional contextual information proves incredibly valuable for feature identification within the point cloud.

For the first time, it is now possible for users to modify and improve SLAM registration results. Following the implementation of user definable SLAM parameters, the user can now optimise processing to suit the environment in which data was collected. Users can choose from a range of parameters including bounding box size, place recognition, loop closure, and the ability to end processing early. Such advancements now put the power of data processing directly into the hands of the user.

Once point cloud registration has been optimised, Desktop V3 allows users to select from a large range of output options including format, point & spatial decimation, normal, time-stamping and point rendering. This wide array of user-defined outputs allows for ever-greater integration with third-party point cloud post processing packages.

Mark Reid, VP of Product Management at GeoSLAM, says “Our customers love the simplicity and ease of GeoSLAM Desktop, but they want more than just a SLAM processing engine. Version 3 builds upon the success of previous versions, but adds so much more functionality. For the first time, users can view, modify, and export point clouds from within the same software. We think V3 is going to be hugely popular, with existing and new customers alike.”

For more information about the new release and to download a brochure, visit the Desktop V3 page here or email

new spanish dealer for geoslam

INSTOP Appointed as new GeoSLAM Dealer in Spain

Dec 05, 2016

We are delighted to announce that INSTOP S.L.U. are now GeoSLAM’s first distributor in Spain. With office locations in Barcelona and Valencia, INSTOP will be fundamental in growing the GeoSLAM brand in the Spanish market.

INSTOP is a company oriented to the field of surveying and measuring the field in general, in order to provide the latest professional measuring tools to the Spanish market.

Marcel Goyvaerts, GeoSLAM’s European Channel Manager says; “At GeoSLAM we are really delighted to come to a distribution agreement with such a strong and dedicated partner as INSTOP for the eastern region of Spain.

Their professional team, their excellent knowledge of the market, and their great facilities will definitely help to put GeoSLAM on the map in this region”

Carlos Alonso of INSTOP; “Instop is determined to expand its activities into the new 3D technologies that come to the market now. We expect that we can really hit several different markets such as indoor-mapping (and related BIM), the mining (stockpiles) market, and the security market, with the easy-to-use, affordable GeoSLAM scan solutions.

It is simply amazing to see first reactions of our customers”

To discover more about INSTOP please visit their website, here

zeb revo camera


Oct 10, 2016

GeoSLAM unveils ZEB-CAM, a new add-on option for the ZEB-REVO mobile indoor mapping system. ZEB-CAM integrates seamlessly with the existing ZEB-REVO and allows imagery to be captured simultaneously alongside scan data. With an integrated inertial sensor ZEB-CAM utilises optical flow technology to accurately synchronise the acquired imagery to the point cloud data.

Mark Reid GeoSLAM’s COO said “At GeoSLAM we listen to our customers; whilst many users around the world have been benefiting from the unparalleled speed, simplicity and performance of the ZEB-REVO, several have asked for further contextual information to best utilise the resulting point cloud. ZEB-CAM therefore makes interrogation and feature extraction from ZEB-REVO data simpler than ever.

Ric Durrant, GeoSLAM CTO said, “We did not want to overcomplicate the ZEB-CAM and needed to keep the overall system compact, light and simple to operate. The modular approach that has been adopted with ZEB-CAM means that it can be quickly attached or detached depending on the application and deployment method being used. Keeping things simple is harder than it looks but the results speak for themselves.”

Using GeoSLAM Desktop 2017, imagery can be viewed alongside the point cloud data. Click on a point of interest in the scan and all corresponding images of that location are automatically displayed. Alternatively find a feature in the imagery and then use the software to locate that position in the scan.

ZEB-CAM is available to order from GeoSLAM or through our global partner network.

mobile laser scanning vehicle

GeoSLAM and Blackdog Robotics sign partnership agreement to supply unmanned mobile indoor mapping solutions

Oct 04, 2016

GeoSLAM Ltd, the UK based pioneers of SLAM based mobile indoor mapping systems, and Blackdog Robotics, a leading US manufacturer of modular robots, have joined forces to offer law enforcement and first responders a unique rapid indoor mapping solution.

Mark Reid, COO at GeoSLAM “Since the launch of the ZEB-REVO system in March 2016 with its auto rotating sensor, the REVO has facilitated autonomous operation and deployment on multiple platforms. We are therefore excited to be working with Blackdog to take this one step further and mount the system on an unmanned platform that can be operated remotely. The amalgamation of these two robust, innovative, and compact technologies provides a very powerful solution that can be used for a myriad of applications”

Through a combination of the Blackdog mobile platform (which can be remotely operated at distances of more than 500m without line of sight) and the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO mobile indoor mapping system it is now possible to quickly map in 3D a hazardous or dangerous environment without putting personnel at risk.

Mike Garrod CTO of Blackdog Robotics “Blackdog is a rugged multi-mission configurable robotic platform designed from the ground up for maximum modularity and ease of operation. With interchangeable deck modules the platform can quickly host a number of different cameras and sensors depending on the mission. The size and simplicity of the ZEB-REVO combined with the ability for remote operation makes it the perfect 3D mapping sensor for Blackdog”

The ability to quickly and remotely document a scene is critical to law enforcement and security personnel for risk management and tactical planning. When the ZEB-REVO is combined with on-board video, through which the system is navigated, the solution can provide mapping during high risk response and rescue operations. In addition, the system is ideal for mapping difficult to access or remote locations for engineering or inspection applications.

To find out more visit the GeoSLAM booth at Intergeo in Hall A3, Stand E3.002 or Blackdog Robotics at

geoslam wins award

GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO Shortlisted for Wichmann Awards

Sep 21, 2016

Exciting news! GeoSLAM’s latest mobile mapping device, the ZEB-REVO, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Wichmann Innovation Awards.

The Awards, now in their 5th year, celebrate and reward progress in technology based on 3 criteria; innovation, user-friendliness and practicality. For the first time this year, there are 2 categories, Hardware and Software.

Our ZEB-REVO mobile, handheld scanner has been shortlisted in the Hardware category. We feel that the ZEB-REVO perfectly fits the brief for the 3 criteria; as the world’s ONLY handheld mobile mapping system, it is certainly innovative. Ask any existing user how easy it is to use (just the push of a button) and you will see how simple it really is. In terms of practicality, the REVO has so many practical applications, from building surveys, forest scans, stockpile assessments, cave & mine mapping, crime scene evaluation…the list is almost endless!

In order to win, we need YOUR help. Voting is open to the public, with each voter entered into a prize draw to win a Garmin vivosmart HR+ smartwatch.

To cast your vote NOW, please click on the link HERE and enter your details.

Voting ends at 8pm on the 12th October, and the winner is announced the following day at Intergeo 2016, in Hamburg.

geoslam and robotics

If You Go Down to the Woods Today…

Sep 19, 2016

…You may come across a ZEB-REVO in action!

This week not 1 but 2 REVOs are out and about scanning in forests across the world.

Firstly, the guys at UCL’s Department of Geography are in Gabon, West Africa, scanning previously surveyed plots to measure changes over time. They are testing out the ZEB-REVO to measure tree height and diameter, and so far the unit is performing well. The team found themselves “surprised at the level of detail and how well the tree trunks were captured”. Read more about their experience so far and check out a selection of photos and data images collected by Mathias Disney and the team:

You can also follow Mathias Disney on Twitter: @mathiasdisney

A bit closer to home, Tom Potter, a PhD student at the University of Leicester is also putting the REVO through its paces at a number of forestry locations in the UK. Tom is interested in studying areas of mixed tree species, and seeing how well the ZEB data can identify each species (by comparing tree heights, trunk diameter, etc.). He will be assessing how the range of the unit is affected by different lighting conditions, as well as walking a number of transects across survey areas, to see how the length of loops affects SLAM registration. All of the above will be collated in order to establish a protocol for the ‘optimum condition’ in which to undertake surveys in forests. Tom is already “very very impressed” with the results he is getting, and we look forward to learning more about his experiences with the REVO over the course of the week.

You can keep up to date on Tom’s progress by following him on Twitter: @nearIR


Introducing SurphSLAM!

Apr 11, 2016

Basis Software Inc. and GeoSLAM Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of SurphSLAM at the SPAR3D exhibition, Woodlands, Texas. SurphSLAM is a trolley based mobile mapping system that combines the new Surphaser 10 laser scanner and GeoSLAM’s new RealTime SLAM registration software. Driven by user demand for a high precision real time mobile scanning system SurphSLAM can be used for extremely accurate high resolution 3D mobile mapping without the need for GPS. This unique integration of technologies also allows for the resulting point cloud to be registered and displayed in real time facilitating unparalleled performance and speed of survey.

Peter Petrov, President of Basis Software: “Surphaser scanners are well known for producing high accuracy data sets with ultra-low noise levels. This continues in the new Surphaser model 10, the combination of scanner’s speed, low range noise, sub-millimeter accuracy and reduced size making it a perfect candidate for a versatile mobile mapping system such as SurphSLAM. When joined with the custom designed lightweight and collapsible trolley and GeoSLAM’s industry leading SLAM software, SurphSLAM fulfils a new market niche.”

Mark Reid, COO at GeoSLAM: “SurphSLAM is an exciting new development and represents two firsts for GeoSLAM; it is the first introduction of our new GeoSLAM RealTime software which builds on the success of our existing SLAM solutions and utilises our award winning 3D SLAM algorithm, secondly this is the first time we have opened up our software to be used by a third party hardware vendor. The results from SurphSLAM are phenomenal and we look forward to continuing to lead the way in SLAM based mobile mapping systems.”

SurphSLAM is exclusively available from Surphaser and Surphaser authorised distributors. To find out more visit the Surphaser booth #11 at 2016 SPAR 3D Expo and Conference, 11th to 14th April, 2016.

About Basis Software Inc.

“Basis Software, Inc. manufactures and markets its own line of light-weight and compact Surphaser 3D laser scanners and also supplies OEM products for laser scanner manufacturers. Known for its unsurpassed accuracy, scan quality, and speed Surphaser line provides sub-millimeter accuracy in both short-range and medium-range models. Ideal for use in reverse engineering, dimensional control, computer gaming, historical preservation, architecture, and forensics. Basis products are deployed worldwide, delivering unparalleled precision and value in 3D scanning.


Or visit:

optron africa

OPTRON Appointed as GeoSLAM Dealer for Sub Saharan Africa

Jul 06, 2016

GeoSLAM is delighted to announce OPTRON as our new distributor for sub-Saharan Africa. Headquartered in Centurion South Africa, OPTRON operates across 6 regional offices in Cape Town, Durban, Somerset West, Nairobi and Zambia.

OPTRON is a distributor of leading technology brands in the geospatial, mining, construction and precision agriculture industries. The company was established in 1986 and has provided technology solutions to the sub-Saharan Africa markets for over 30 years. The OPTRON Group has a proven track record with both customers and international technology suppliers, and was therefore considered as a natural choice to represent GeoSLAM’s market leading mobile indoor mapping solutions.

Mark Reid, Chief Operating Officer of GeoSLAM: “The appointment of OPTRON is part of our ongoing strategy to strengthen and expand our global network of distribution. Widely recognised as the leading survey instrument supplier across sub-Saharan Africa, OPTRON was our first choice partner. Uniquely positioned to offer our customers the highest level of service, OPTRON combine survey and mapping expertise along with in depth application knowledge and dedicated customer support. We are looking forward to working with OPTRON in this exciting and rapidly developing market.”

Trevor Venter, CEO Optron Group said, “We are excited to add GeoSLAM to our offering of technology solutions. Combining GeoSLAM technology with Trimble software, our clients have a very cost effective field-to-model solution for the mapping of enclosed environments.”

To contact OPTRON, please visit the Contact page of our website and click their location on the map

Or visit

laser scan

GeoSLAM Announces Global Distribution Agreement for 3D Reshaper & PointCab

Mar 15, 2016

After numerous requests from customers, GeoSLAM are happy to announce the addition of Technodigit’s 3D Reshaper and PointCab to their product range, after signing distribution agreements with both companies. This important step now enables us to offer complete end-to-end solutions for your project.

3D Reshaper allows post-processing of your registered pointcloud, including;

Clever reduction – keeping only the best points to reduce file sizes
Automatic segmentation
Automatic noise measurement reduction
3D comparison with a mesh or a CAD model
Best geometric shape extraction
And many more

3D Reshaper is suitable for a vast range of applications, including the production of digital terrain models (DTMs), architecture/BIM modelling, mine and quarry volume calculations, and civil engineering projects.

For more information on 3D Reshaper visit their website:

Needing to rapidly produce 2D layouts from 3D data? Then PointCab may be the solution for you. The PointCab Suite is fully compatible with GeoSLAM’s data, enabling entire project scans to be opened within seconds. From here, it’s a simple case of choosing section and plan lines to instantly create layouts, sections and elevations. 2D functions included within the Suite include:

PhotoMatch – match high-resolution images onto sections and layouts
Sketch – create measurements of angles, distances and surfaces
Vectorizer – vectorize plans from the point cloud data
Profiler – create profile lines in an elevation model of the point cloud

However there is more to PointCab than simple layouts. Analysis of accident/crime scenes, monument protection, landscape planning, civil engineering, road construction are all possible with this versatile software.

For more information on PointCab, visit their website:

About 3D Reshaper
3D Reshaper is developed by Technodigit, a French company which has been a part of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence group since 2009. Technodigit specialises in digitization and 3D modelling, reverse engineering, surface reconstruction and control.

About PointCab
PointCab is a German company, which was formed in 2010, with the objective of optimizing the workflow of terrestrial laser scan data into registered point clouds. After the release of the first version in summer 2010, the software is now on its 3rd version, with additions such as surface meshing, volume calculation, ‘ortho photo’ views and the growing market of drone and handheld scanner data.

zeb revo launched

ZEB-REVO Launched

Mar 11, 2016

ZEB-REVO – A Revolution in Mobile Indoor Mapping

GeoSLAM are delighted to announce the launch of the ZEB-REVO – the next generation in our range of mobile, handheld 3D laser scanners. The ZEB-REVO builds upon the success of its predecessor, the award winning ZEB1, with a faster scanner, even simpler operation and greater versatility. At its core is GeoSLAM’s industry leading Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) algorithm, which facilitates rapid mobile mapping of enclosed environments without the need for GPS.

This versatility renders the ZEB-REVO suitable for a large variety of applications that would otherwise prove difficult or time consuming using traditional survey techniques;

• Scan-to-BIM and measured building surveys
• Underground mine and cave mapping
• Forestry scanning and biomass calculations
• Marine vessel surveys and modelling
• Stockpile volume surveys
• Crime scene reconstructions

Enhanced performance
Similar to the ZEB1, the ZEB REVO captures 43,200 points per second. However, the sensor line speed has been increased to 100Hz, producing 2.5 times the number of scan lines. When combined with the auto-rotation of the sensor head, a marked improvement in the resolution, cleanliness, and structure of the resulting point cloud is achieved. In addition to facilitating the identification of smaller features, the improved resolution also assists in producing better-quality SLAM registration results.

As the ZEB REVO automatically revolves at the press of a button, it no longer has to be manually nodded, making the scanner much more discrete and incredibly adaptable for use in different environments.

“The ZEB-REVO has been designed with versatility in mind” says Chief Technical Engineer Ric Durrant. “The autonomous head rotation allows for the REVO sensor to be handheld but also backpack or pole mounted, trolley or vehicle based, or even attached to a UAV. Such versatility opens the doors to a wide variety of applications. “

Weighing in at only 3.5Kg, the mobility, simplicity, and versatility of the ZEB REVO coupled with an IP64 rating means the system can be deployed in multi-level, harsh environments such as mines and caves that would simply not be possible with other trolley based indoor mapping systems.

Data acquisition
Comprising just 2 elements (scanner head and data-logger/battery) and 2 cables, the kit is assembled in seconds. Within 1 minute and 2 button pushes the scanner head is rotating and ready to survey. After initialisation (and with the data-logger stored in the handy backpack), the scanner is ready to be picked up and 3D data capture commenced. Data is collected at walking speed meaning that a typical residential or commercial property can be surveyed up to 10 times faster than when compared to traditional survey techniques.

Mark Reid, Chief Operating Officer of GeoSLAM said “the speed of survey and simplicity of use achievable with the ZEB-REVO is set to disrupt the market, blurring the lines between the role of the surveyor and the technology-savvy end user.

The ZEB-REVO has a scan range of up to 30m indoors, 15-20m in outdoor environments. However, densely covered, ‘feature-rich’ environments such as forests are ideal and are practically considered to be ‘indoor’ to the scanner. The unit features a 55GB data logger, onto which all scanned data is stored. File size is however minimal compared to other terrestrial scanning solutions meaning that up to a month’s worth of data can be stored without clearing the data logger. Once acquisition is complete the compressed data is downloaded to a USB stick ready for registration.

Data Registration
Automatic SLAM registration is achieved by either uploading to the GeoSLAM Cloud (via an internet connection) or processed locally using the new GeoSLAM Desktop. The GeoSLAM cloud offers a pay as you go model using pre-purchased credits. This provides users flexibility and minimises upfront capital expenditure thus helping to make the technology accessible to all. For high usage users, the security conscious, or those customers that wish to view the registered data whilst in the field, GeoSLAM Desktop offers the perfect solution. With unlimited processing and drag ‘n’ drop automatic registration, GeoSLAM Desktop can be run on a laptop or tablet. Once registered the resulting LAS file can be post processed directly in most industry standard point cloud and CAD packages.

Graham Hunter, Managing Director of GeoSLAM said “The ZEB-REVO fulfils a new niche in the market for ultra-mobile indoor mapping solutions. Our early adopters have been thoroughly impressed with the ease of operation, vastly reduced scan time and accuracy of the resultant point cloud, all from surveying just 1 closed loop. It won’t be long until the ZEB-REVO is a ‘go-to’ standard in the surveyor’s toolkit”

For more information, to request a demonstration or to view a dataset, email

happy new year

New Year, New Starts for GeoSLAM!

Jan 04, 2016

Firstly may we wish you a very happy new year – we hope 2016 will be a prosperous and successful new year for us all.

The run-up to Christmas was a busy time for us here at GeoSLAM, sending out ZEB1 units to our new distributors in Turkey (Arcasoy Consulting), Russia (ArtGeo) and Colombia (Sigla).

We are also delighted to welcome Mark Reid to the team. Mark replaces Neil Pollock as our Chief Operating Officer, and joins us from his previous posting as UK and ROW Business Manager at Renishaw plc – Spatial Measurement Division.

A geomatics professional, Mark has over 15 years’ experience in the geospatial industry, with specific expertise in airborne, mobile, and terrestrial LIDAR systems. Having worked as a land surveyor in the UK for SIS, Mark moved to the Middle East for 6 years to manage and implement some of the world’s largest laser scanning and as-built 3D modelling projects for Qatar Petroleum. For the last 4 years Mark has led the UK and international business development for Renishaw SMD across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India, providing scanning solutions to the Mining, Marine, Defence, and geospatial sectors.

We welcome Mark to the team and look forward to working with him, in what is set to be a very exciting year for GeoSLAM.

loy surveys

Loy Surveys get trained up on the ZEB1

Dec 08, 2015

In December we visited Loy Surveys in Glasgow to carry out additional training for the team. We met up with 3 members of the survey team at their Glasgow HQ to bring them up to speed with using the ZEB1, uploading data and viewing their results.

Loy Surveys makes up part of the larger Ogilvie Group, and operates both in the UK and overseas, undertaking surveys for a range of customers including contractors, architects, engineers, local authorities, estate developers, oil companies, utilities and central government agencies.

Such a diverse range of applications demands a survey solution that is quick, versatile, simple to operate by multiple team members, often in challenging environments. The survey team were impressed with the speed and ease of use of the ZEB1. We wish them much success with their use of the ZEB1 in their future surveying work.

laser scanning las vegas

GeoSLAM Attends AU2015 in Las Vegas

Dec 01, 2015

Our Chief Engineer Ric Durrant was lucky enough to attend Autodesk University 2015 in fabulous Las Vegas. Ric joined over 10,000 other delegates and 200 exhibitors at the world’s largest gathering of Autodesk users in the world.

GeoSLAM exhibited on the ReCap™ stand, with Ric demonstrating the ease and speed of mobile scanning with the ZEB1 handheld laser scanner. Ric also showcased our latest product, the ZEB-REVO, which will have its official launch in early Spring 2016.

ReCap™ allows for laser scanned data to be imported, processed and registered in a matter of minutes. Using a standard data format allows both ZEB1 and ZEB-REVO data to be used in Recap™ software. This high level of integration will allow ZEB users to quickly and accurately create point clouds, from which 3D models can be constructed and analysed.

Accurate measurements can be read from these constructions, rendering the software particularly suitable for accurate indoor surveying work.